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New Trek Icon 1 Re: LD 2x09 "wej Duj" ($$$) Jump to new posts by Malnurtured Snay (9)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Lee: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Hobbes: You can't just walk up to the Navy academy and be like, "I want in." ----- Though within the actual franchise we’re...
New Trek Icon 1 Re: LD 2x10 "First First Contact" ($$$) Jump to new posts by Malnurtured Snay (9)   

Even the bridge design plays tribute to the Excelsior bridge (as seen in ST6): the master systems display behind the captain's position, and the TNG-style Ops/Conn positions, along with their positioning.
Starships & Technology Icon 1 Shining a Light into the Gaping Hole Jump to new posts by Guardian 2000   

That title has an air of clickbait to it, and perhaps a touch of horror, but it actually fits somewhat. You see, I seem to have discovered a gaping hole in all the Trek tech geekery, and it's flashlights...
New Trek Icon 1 Re: LD's where's Kremin [$$$$] Jump to new posts by Hobbes (4)   

I mean maybe easier to aim assuming 24th century people played video games. Not going to lie, playing arcade shooters with light guns helped me get my Navy Sharp Shooter ribbon with a 9mm pistol. But...
Officers' Lounge Icon 1 Re: Anyone still around? Jump to new posts by AndrewR (35)   

I can’t believe I posted the original post to this thread in 20 freakin’ 18!! I’m back. Just saying hi.
New Trek Icon 1 Re: LD 1x10 "No Small Parts" ($$$) Jump to new posts by AndrewR (18)   

I’m a bit late here. Didn’t have Amazon Prime for a while, so didn’t get to see LD until now. *loved* this episode. Best of season 1, and there were some GOOD episodes. The explosion when they...

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