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Author Topic: Quote from Admiral Kim Hanson regarding the threat towards the Federation.

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“It all started with that fateful encounter with the Cha’Mondor by the U.S.S. Sagan. A sovereign-class ship on an exploration mission deep within the unexplored section of the Alpha quadrant. The U.S.S. Sagan was a very old ship. It was supposed to be her last mission before she would be decomissioned. After the Dominion war ended, 78 years ago, the Federation found that they had alot of “military vessels.” Vessels that were designed to handle combat more than “seeking out new worlds and new civilizations.” But it turns out that this was perfect. After the U.S.S. Voyager came back from the Delta quadrant and after Starfleet Command had a chance to review the ships records they found that Voyager was extremely lucky not to have been blown away within their first few years in the Delta quadrant. If other alien races were as......hostile as the ones in the Delta quadrant were, Starfleet exploration ships would need to be very well armed to deal with it. So, as a result, Starfleet refited many of the Sovereign, Saber, and Steamrunner-class vessles with a few more science stations and sent them exploring rather than putting them on reserve in the unlikely case should another Dominion-like race decide to try and have their way with the Federation.

50 years after the Dominion war ended, The Federation and the Dominion started becoming close allies, despite protests from the Klingon and Romulan governments stating that the Dominion couldn’t be trusted at all. Surrendering was enough for the Founders, but when they saw how the Federation (while they did take steps to keep a VERY watchful eye on them) didn’t treat them in the way that so many other “solid” races have treated them in the past (resulting in the rise of the Dominion) they decided that the Federation was no longer their enemy. *sigh* Here I go rambling again. I strayed WAY to far from the point. Where was I? Ahhh yes. The U.S.S. Sagan.

While it was on it’s mission exploring the rather vast unknown portions of the Alpha quadrant it encountered a ship that was not quite like anything encountered before. Sensor scans indicated that it was bio-mechanical in nature. Unlike a Borg drone, who’s organic and mechanical parts are very distinct from each other, this ship’s organic and mechanical components where flawlessly blended together. The pictures of the ship were incredible. It’s main body was a kind of a oval cone that doesn’t end in a sharp point, but it ends with a shape similar to the front end of a Maquis Raider. It had a few windows like any other ship would have. Along with the oval cone where two....what appeared to be engines on the top and bottom of the ship. All 4 engines were attached directly to the ship without pylons or support beams. The front of the engines genreated an orange glow. I got the impression that they were bussard collectors, but I might be, and probably am, wrong about this. The entire outer layer of the ship appeared to be a skin of some type. However, the most wierd feature about the Cha’Mondor ship was it’s sliver stripes that ran down each side of the ship.

The flesh or skin under the silver stripes would grow into the form of a giant, organic, muscular wings! The silver stripes themselves would become the very sharp front edge of the wings. After the development of these wings are complete the silver edge would then generate a faint purple glow. My guess about this would be that the purple glow is some type of energy that make sliceing enemy ships into ribbons. I say this because that is exactly what happened to the Sagan.

After the encounter with the Cha’Mondor ship, both it and the Sagan traded scans. After a few minutes the Cha’Mondor ship powered it’s engines and sped away from the Sagan. That’s when it’s wings started to take form. After the formation of the wings were complete, the Cha’Mondor ship came about. In about 10 seconds the Sagan’s saucer section and both it’s warp engines were removed from the engineering section. A few seconds after that the engineering section exploded taking the warp engines and the saucer section with it. It was incredible. No one knows why they attacked and destroyed the Sagan, but one thing was clear. This race uses the same methods of battle Humans
used during the medieval era. Knives and swords. Only the Cha’Mondor are using these
as their primary weapons on their ships. It is so simple, and yet, so devastating. We know about this because Starfleet decided to make it a policy to have any exploration ships transmit live video and data of any first encounters like the one involving the Sagan.

It was hoped that this first encounter with the Cha’Mondor would be the last for a long time. But, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out this way. The next the thing any of us knew, the Cha’Mondor was practically on our front doorstep.”-----Admiral Kim Hanson, Section 31

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Any comments?
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Malnurtured Snay
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What the fuck ... ?


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Should I take that as a statement of intrest or an insult?

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WTF??... Don't know about him but mine is one of interest. Very interesting premise, never seen or heard it done before either.

Jack O'Neal - I like their style. Shoot first, send flowers later.

Todd Flanders - Ow, my fricken ears!

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Fullmetal Pompatus
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First of all, MIB, what's this speech? Is this is a lead-in to your own RPG or online series? Or is this an exercise in speech writing and simply takes the form of a Star Trek centered speech?

Second of all, it is an interesting premise. A new raise that uses organic-based ships similar to the Species 8472 bioships but not employing the standard phased-energy or matter-annihilation technology for weapons. Seems to be an interesting race for the Federation to be encountering.

Third of all, if this is a speech, I think some of the language used is inappropriate for the purpose. I don't think the admiral would have used an example like the Maquis raider to describe the tip of the ship. Something more fitting may be, "The main body was a quasi-elliptical cone with the fore of the ship not ending in a sharp point but instead with a blunt projection." Also, the theme of this speech seems to be that this conflict with the Cha'Mondor began and ended earlier than the speech. The admiral (especially an admiral of Section 31) would know definitively whether or not a part of the ship was a bussard collector and what purpose the silver stripes served. Also, it would be an ineffective oratory technique to wander off on a tanget (by this I'm referring to the second paragraph). This information could be included as a prologue to the speech that sets up the main body of thrust of the work.

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Sigfried. You got a pooint. hmmmmmm. I'll make revisions. However, I did intend this to be more of a quote from Kim's personnal log rather that a speech addressing the Federation.

To appytarget: Trust me. It get's far more interesting.

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