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Posted by Saltah'na (Member # 33) on :
I got married back in September 2011.

Six months later, I finally got around to sending the thank you cards. These cards were custom made, so some time and effort were made to create them and customize them. I also moved during that time which pushed back me sending the cards much later than I was expecting. But I did send them.

I just got word last week that two of my cousins and their parents didn't receive theirs. These happen to be the closest relatives that I have so I am dumbstruck as to how this had happened. However, knowing that it did happen now, wondering if anyone has ever dealt with a situation like this and how they addressed it. I did apologize to them but I feel that more needs to be done to let them know that this was not intentional.

Any ideas?
Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
Hmm. We had spares done, but we used the same card for everyone. We did write individual messages, but the actual printed card was the same. If you actually had a completely unique design for everyone... I dunno. Or is the issue that you could just reprint them, but the relatives might believe they were simply "forgotten"?
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
Did your relatives not believe you when you explained the situation to them? What is it that makes them think "you're a filthy liar" is a more likely explanation than "the post office screwed up"?
Posted by The Ginger Beacon (Member # 1585) on :
You could reprint them but I suspect you would want something a little more personal.

If it happened to me I would probably get some nice paper or card, possibly even bespoke, get a good pen and write them a letter thanking them for comming, appologise that they did not get theirs and that you only found out recently. Don't blame the post office - just say you didn't forget them and appologise for the cock up.

If you feel the need you could add that you don't want them to be mistaken and feel forgotten, and that you felt that, despite it being so long since, you did post the originals out and when you discovered they never arrived that you wanted to remind them that you appreciated them attending and wanted them to have a keepsake of your day.

Or some such. I'll tell what actually happens when the post office screws up that bad for me. Hopefully they won't take it as a negative, and despite feeling a bit funny about these things, I'd wager it's never to late.
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
Send them with the baby announcements! They won't care! [Wink]

(For those who didn't know, Eric and his wife just had a baby.)
Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
Relatives who get blame you for thank-you cards going missing in the post are also the same sort of relatives who will blame you for not naming the kid after them.

That said, "Liam" is a great name...
Posted by Saltah'na (Member # 33) on :
The cards were "custom" as the design was made by ourselves using photographs in the wedding. Everyone got the same card.

And yes, Matthew was born on Sunday May 19, 5 weeks early, 5 lb, 4 oz. He's still in the Neo-Natal ICU and will be there for some time. Wife is doing great and is resting at home.

With the unexpected birth, I guess I won't be attending to these cards any time soon. Also since we just had our shower the week before, those thank you cards will have to be postponed, until at least everything is set up over here. We haven't set up the baby's room yet!!!
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
For shame, Eric! Our baby's room is all set up and ready to go. But, then again, we are due date + 1...

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