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Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :
So... much... stupid...

Well, okay, not all of it was stupid. Reno continues to be pure awesome.

And, comparatively speaking, the Control plot wasn't bad. I'm still not sure if we're seeing the origin of the Borg. On the one hand, we're seeing Control assimilate (or try to assimilate) more people. And surviving the vacuum of space is a known trait of Borg drones. However, the whole thing with the nanoprobes forming tendrils trying to get at Burnham is definitely not a known Borg trait.

The D7 looked nice. I know, I'm not a ship person, I'm sure somebody will point out differences between it and earlier models.

And, time crystal stupidity aside, the Klingons acted way more like... well... Klingons in this episode than they have so far.

But... where do I even start with this time crystal nonsense?

NO, Boreth does not have time crystals. Worf visited the place in TNG, and there was no temporal wonkiness.

NO, time crystals do not work this way. I was willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt up until now. Time crystals are real things, and I can even imagine some of their real qualities being useful in the construction of a time travel device. But touching them giving you a vision of a possible future? And touching them a second time locking in that future? No. Just no. Even from a storytelling standpoint, is there any reason why Pike needs to know his fate, other than "fanservice"?

If most of this episode wasn't predicated on science way worse than even the magic fungus drive, it might have been good. But instead, this is easily my least favorite episode of the season.
Posted by MinutiaeMan (Member # 444) on :
I don’t think that touching the crystal twice physically locks in your fate... but the metaphorical commitment to taking it is the act of making choices that determine your future. Maybe the first vision is showing you what would/could happen if you take the crystal.

The weird thing is that past Trek series have always treated the timeline as something fragile, and small changes create cascading differences in the future. But now Discovery is taking the opposite approach, that certain changes are much more difficult to effect than others. The metaphor of time as a fluid does make some sense. It’s just not completely consistent with how time travel was portrayed before.

Yeah, time crystals on Boreth seems weird. I don’t agree with the rationale, but the time crystal aspect of the monastery seems like it’s separate from the Kahless aspect of the monastery. Which is really coincidental, that Kahless pointed up to some “point of light” in the sky and it turned out to not only have a habitable planet but also has time crystals? Oookay...

That being said, I’m kind of okay with the idea of Klingons having some awareness of time (travel) and avoiding/protecting it. Klingon culture is 1000+ years old, and they’ve had some form of interstellar awareness that whole time. Having more layers to their culture is quite realistic... just tough to reconcile with TNG/DS9/ENT portrayals of their monoculture.

Inconsistencies aside, Pike’s scenes were pure awesome this week (as usual). Beep beep.

Finally, I think it’s pretty clear that “Calypso” has far more relevance to this season’s plot than we first assumed...
Posted by Shik (Member # 343) on :
Originally posted by MinutiaeMan:
Finally, I think it’s pretty clear that “Calypso” has far more relevance to this season’s plot than we first assumed...

"Runaway", as well, given the shot of XAHEA on the viewscreen.
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
Anybody else disturbed with the notion of Klingon Time Lords? Especially when the head guy looks like Dukhat with dreads?
Posted by Spike (Member # 322) on :
Anybody else disturbed with the notion of Klingon Time Lords?
I think the show jumped the shark with this. I'm kind of pissed at myself that I interrupted my Game of Thrones-marathon for this garbage.
Posted by StarCruiser (Member # 979) on :
Disco jumped the shark right off the bat... I couldn't even watch most of the premier episode.
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
I’m all for the Reno love, she’s been great. Same goes for Pike. Anson Mount has been fantastic.

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