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Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :
Definitely a great ending to Season 1, while leaving enough plot threads going that I'm looking forward to Season 2.

We pick up where Part 1 left off, with the infected Starfleet ships continuing to destroy here. Lots of starship carnage here; I'm reminded a lot of Wolf 359.

The Protostar crew quickly conclude the only way to stop the Living Construct is to destroy the Protostar itself. Because of the jury-rigging, someone must do it manually. Dal offers to go down with the ship (showing just how far he's come this season), but Holo-Janeway insists it should be her because she can just copy her program onto an isolinear chip. The audience sees very quickly that Holo-Janeway won't fit onto an isolinear chip, meaning that she will sacrifice herself.

The kids get into a hastily-replicated barely-functional shuttle, and bid goodbye. Holo-Janeway destroys the Protostar in such a way that the fleet won't be harmed, and the kids learn that the isolinear chip they were given just contains Holo-Janeway's goodbye.

We cut to the Dauntless, where Admiral Janeway sees what has transpired. She alerted by the crew that the Protostar's destruction was orchestrated in such a way by Holo-Janeway as to recreate the temporal anomaly that started everything in the first place, meaning that Chakotay can be rescued from Future Solum.

A small time skip later, and the kids crash their shuttle into San Francisco Bay, finally making it to Starfleet HQ/Academy. They're are put on trial for everything, but are cleared of all charges. (Lots of The Voyage Home homages here, huh?) While the kids are not permitted to enter Starfleet Academy, Janeway pulls a Wesley Crusher by allowing them to work on a Starfleet ship as her personal proteges. Yes, even Dal, based on his genetic engineering not appearing to have been done with the goal of creating a superior being. Gwyn is the only one not to take up the offer, as she is off to Present Solum to try to change the planet's future.

All the kids get new uniforms. Zero gets a new containment suit. Even Gwyn gets a new outfit. The Protostar-class will enter production. The kids assume they'll be on a new Protostar, but Janeway says she's got something better. I was betting Voyager even before I read that the shuttles that rescued the kids from San Francisco Bay were labelled NCC-74656-A.

Lots of plots concluded, but still lots to go. Chakotay still needs to actually be rescued from the future. Ascencia and her Dreadnok are still out there. What will Gwyn find at Solum? Who made Dal?

Can't wait for more! [Smile]
Posted by Shik (Member # 343) on :
Why do Zero's legs keep disappearing & reappearing at the end?

...Fucking "Voyager-A" bullshit.
Posted by Lee (Member # 393) on :
It’s the “put on trial” bit that just makes me shake my head in, I don’t know, despair? Disgust? I mean, on what basis? They were fucking child slaves, for God’s sake, who found an abandoned spaceship and used it to escape their confinement. Surely there’s a law of salvage or something at play here? And so then they didn’t immediately see the ship returned - law of salvage, again. And actively avoided doing so - again, child slaves, kind of understandable they’d want to avoid anyone in authority after where they’d come from. They didn’t put the ship-hacking entity on board, they can’t be held to blame for Wolf 360 (!), in fact once aware of it they tried to keep away from them so it wouldn’t kick in.

So how does this end going to trial? What laws have they broken? It’s just… ugh. As Krenny says, giving the show its TVH moment.
Posted by Spike (Member # 322) on :
What moron labelled the ships?
Posted by Brown_supahero (Member # 83) on :


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