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Posted by Topher (Member # 71) on :
Could the following people please check their PMs:

Charles Capps

Thank you. [Smile]
Posted by Tahna Los (Member # 33) on :
You might want to be careful, Toph. You do NOT want to order the grand poobah around, otherwise he might get particularly nasty. [Wink]
Posted by Omega (Member # 91) on :
Well, he said "please"...
Posted by Topher (Member # 71) on :
If you ask me, there should be some sort of notification area on the main page to let you know if you have any unread/new PMs. [Smile]
Posted by Dat (Member # 302) on :
Well, in your profile, you can change the option to receive an email messgae should you get a PM. In fact, in the email message itself, you'll get the PM, but it won't be maked as read in your profile until you read it on the forum.
Posted by Matrix (Member # 376) on :
So what if you are like me you checks his email once a month and when he does he has to sort through 1,200 porn spam? Besides I agree there should be at least something on the bottom that shows that you got PM.
Posted by MinutiaeMan (Member # 444) on :
...Or, you could get a spam filter. [Wink]
Posted by Siegfried (Member # 29) on :
Or, create a spam box. I have an alternate email address at Hotmail that I use whenever something online demands I provide it (except for here, of course). Helps keep my inbox pristine and safe from all those ads telling me I can increase the length of my manhood tenfold in three days if I visit Amber's sexy webcam.
Posted by Matrix (Member # 376) on :
How do you set one up. I am going into the Navy in a few days, and when I get my email privilages, I don't want to sort through 40,000 spam emails to look for a half dozen emails.
Posted by Ritten (Member # 417) on :
go to hotmail,, or any of the others, create an account using the step by step instructions, then use this email address when and where appropriate at places that want it, but you think that they may sapm you, or sell you address....
Posted by Siegfried (Member # 29) on :
Exactly what Ritten said. Plus, you gotta make sure that you check your spam box every so often to delete the spam build-up (and to also keep the account from getting closed due to inactivity).
Posted by Dat (Member # 302) on :
Eliminate from the list of free email providers. They now charge for the service. Hotmail provides 2 mb of storage. Yahoo mail provides 4 mb. I don't know about others.
Posted by Ritten (Member # 417) on : was used by my wife to set up meetings with her online lovers.... It wouldn't have been so bad, if it had been 'cybersex'.....
Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
I dunno. In some ways, Cybersex is worse, if only for the sheer desperation and strangeness of it.
Posted by Captain-class, Mike-variant (Member # 709) on :
Its just interactive masturbation.

Well, unless you know the person. Then its kinda twisted.

Besides, I'm saving myself for marriage so its a good fallback.
Posted by Thoughtcancer (Member # 480) on :
I feel like I missed something big here, but I can't think of what it is.
Posted by Captain-class, Mike-variant (Member # 709) on :
Im just saving myself for a girl that doesnt want to use me, actually.

Girls are such dogs.. no respect for the sanctity of a man's body.. I WILL NOT LOSE IT TO A ONE NIGHT STAND!

or did you mean something else?

BTW, this thread has now become an open field for the CxRxAxYxXxNxExSyS!!!


Posted by E. Cartman (Member # 256) on :
If girls are dogs, what does that make you?
Posted by Captain-class, Mike-variant (Member # 709) on :
um.. not a dog?
Posted by Thoughtcancer (Member # 480) on :
Sanctity is to the male body as butter is to coffee.
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
Out of curiosity, is cybersex okay if the other person is actually your girlfriend, who just happens to be far away at the time?
Posted by Thoughtcancer (Member # 480) on :
*opens the Relationship manual*

Yes, because phone sex with your far off partner is deemed to be okay as well, and women in love are also known to write dirty letters to their men in order to facilitate the, uh, big process when you are in a foreign territory.

When you are not in a relationship it becomes weird though. Why not just do a manual override on your own?
Posted by Ritten (Member # 417) on :
Except in a marriage where one partner feels she married at a too young of an age, 20.... Then the cybercheating is more acceptable to the real thing... There are strange and funky things that she could have brought home.....
Posted by Charles Capps (Member # 9) on :

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