This is topic I am very disappointed in forum Incoming Hail at Flare Sci-Fi Forums.

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Posted by Charles Capps (Member # 9) on :
For ages, Flare has been a place where discussion could continue in relative peace and quiet. We have had a very low number of trolls, and a very low number of idiots - no part, in doubt, because of the generally closed attitude of the community. We are slow to accept newcomers, and even slower to accept those that we don't feel right in welcoming.

Recently, a small number of posters have continued a trend of personal insults and otherwise unacceptably disruptive behavior. Such acts are not welcome here.

In these forums, you will conduct yourself in a civilized manner.

You will not act in an obnoxious manner towards your fellow members of the community.

You will not intentionally interrupt the normal flow of topics in ANY forum by posting disruptive material.

Any such behavior is unacceptable here, and if it continues, I will remove the posting privileges of the problematic users for an indeterminate amount of time.

In other words, if you continue to screw around, you will find yourself banned very quickly.

I hope I have been very clear. If I have not, please contact me in private so I may elaborate.
Posted by Charles Capps (Member # 9) on :
Just to clarify.

Disrupting a thread also includes intentionally posting a comment that has no real bearing to the topic at hand, such as making a sexual reference in the middle of a topic about starships.

Acts such as this are completely unacceptable and unwelcome, and will bring about actions as described above.

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