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Posted by Charles Capps (Member # 9) on :
Hey folks,

So Flareupload is moving back to my local server sometime soon, and I've started doing a bit of an audit to make sure that everything'll go peachy keen during the transfer.

During the process I found that there are a lot of people trying but failing to perform external linking. Until recently, external linking will result in a terse error instead of the image in question. Apparently though, for the people on MySpace that REALLY want an image of Cartman on their uglyass excuses for existing on the web, that isn't exactly obvious enough.

For that reason, both the Cartman image in specific and any site living on MySpace in general are now getting a much more rude and inappropriate image, suitable to the kind of jackass that would blindly link to an image rather than using one of the many free image hosting services that now exist for third party use.

None of you should ever see the image in question. If you do, you'll know it, believe me. If you DO see it, please let me know the circumstances so that I can fix things. Nobody should ever be exposed to that kind of thing unless they LIKE hanging out in /b/.

(If there is enough demand, I'll link you to the replacement image. I warn you however, that the image is most absolutely NOT mind-safe.)

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