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Posted by HerbShrump (Member # 1230) on :
Went to the Save Enterprise website. It's posted there to late CBS, Paramount, UPN, Viacom know how we feel about the show.

I understand Paramount, UPN and Viacom being involved, but CBS? What is the CBS connection? Do they ultimately own UPN?
Posted by Aban Rune (Member # 226) on :
"It's posted there to late CBS..." I'm not sure what that means.

I don't know if CBS owns UPN, but they may carry some UPN shows at certain times of the day.
Posted by Harry (Member # 265) on :
"to let"

And, really, I don't know what CBS has got to do with Star Trek.
Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :
If memory serves, I think CBS and UPN are both owned by Viacom.
Posted by The Mighty Monkey of Mim (Member # 646) on :
Originally posted by Krenim:
If memory serves...

It does.

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