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Posted by Hobbes (Member # 138) on :
3 episodes into The Orville season 2. I've heard the second episode was actually from season 1.

The 3rd episode featured a meeting of doctors as it guest starred both Phlox and the EMH.

I love the humor, although MacFarlane said this season would have less of it. I hope not too much less though. It's what sets it apart from serious sci-fi shows.
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
I thought episode 3 was great. I know a lot of people were turned off by the comedy elements of the show early on. I admit, at the beginning, I felt like they weren't getting quite the right balance. A lot of the jokes felt kind of forced into the show. But this week's episode had a B-story that was played for laughs that was literally only two scenes. Otherwise, the whole thing may as well have been a Trek episode.

I think anyone who's a fan of '90s-era Trek who wrote off The Orville because it had to much Seth MacFarlane-style humor in it should check out this episode and see how they feel about it. I don't know what the humor level will be like in the rest of the season, but this episode really highlights how well the show can handle its dramatic aspects.

Plus, in addition to Picardo and Billingsley, it's got Catherine O'Hara and Patrick Warburton as guest stars.
Posted by MinutiaeMan (Member # 444) on :
I’m definitely enjoying it. I’m just worried that the more they dial back the humor, the more it’s going to be a Star Trek rip-off instead of a fun homage. It already feels like Voyager but with more humor... (seriously, tell me the opening credit flybys and establishing scenes don’t feel exactly like Voyager).

The Orville is a deliberately retro-style show. I like the characters, and the stories are generally enjoyable, but I don’t think I’m getting anything new out of it, or anything I can’t get by watching some good old TNG or TOS.

But I still very much appreciate the effort to create a purely optimistic-themed story in the vein of Star Trek. Hopefully The Orville’s success will inspire Kurtzman and his writers to consider more optimistic storylines too...
Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
The show's humor is the only escape route it has from being taken seriously, at which point it would fail because of the contrived problems and obvious but unpursued solutions.

For instance, the visit to high-grav Xaleya (sp?) featured shuttles going down with two crew and a single anti-grav spacesuit. The shuttle itself had a standoff anti-grav field that kept gravity comfortable within and outside the rear door.

Naturally a problem developed with the suit, so instead of moving the shuttle (like, park on him) or extending the field, the other unsuited person just had to stand helplessly.

It's bad writing.
Posted by Hobbes (Member # 138) on :
Been enjoying the last few episodes. Yeah, less of the season 1 humor but still not taking itself too seriously.

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