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Posted by newark (Member # 888) on :
On Memory Alpha, this ship is listed with the registry of NCC-61882. My question is, what is the source for this registry?

And, on Red Admiral's site, he has listed NCC-71745 for the USS Destiny, NCC-72649 for the USS Gander, and NCC-71962 for the USS Magellan. Again, what is the source for these registries?
Posted by The Mighty Monkey of Mim (Member # 646) on :
Decipher's Starships handbook, perhaps? IIRC, the T'Kumbra was reused footage of the Prometheus from "Second Sight" (also reused as the Lexington from "Explorers") and the rest of those numbers were never seen onscreen, either. I smell me some ass-pullage! But then, that's the fatal flaw of Wikimedia...anybody can make something up and put it up there as "fact."

-MMoM [Big Grin]
Posted by Sol System (Member # 30) on :
And anyone else can correct it.
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
Posted by Harry (Member # 265) on :
Last I checked, the wiki concept itself was not a 'fatal flaw'.

And newark, or anyone else for that matter, if you find something on MA that looks suspicious, but you're not sure, there are also Talk pages. Ask where the registry comes from. Someone will probably notice it's nonsense, and remove it. No need for a Flare thread in that case.
Posted by Dukhat (Member # 341) on :
Sure, he could have contacted those sites directly, but I don't see the problem with him asking us here. After all, one of those site owners is a member here, and aren't we all supposed to be the starship "experts?" [Wink]
Posted by The Mighty Monkey of Mim (Member # 646) on :
Hell yes I am an expert. And hell yes I said "ass-pullage."

Perhaps I should have noted that the "fatal flaw" is not because of who can edit stuff, just that they don't need to cite any source to do it. Sure, anybosy can correct it, but when there's good info and bad info all tossed in together undifferentiated it gets pretty hard to sort it out.

-MMoM [Big Grin]
Posted by newark (Member # 888) on :
Decipher has listed the following registries for these canon ships:

NCC-2582 U.S.S. Farrugut (Excelsior Class)
NCC-62100 U.S.S. T'Kumbra (Nebula Class)
NCC-71820 U.S.S. Magellan (Galaxy Class)

Personnally, I find these numbers acceptable and they do fit with the canon facts. (MoM, I have found no evidence for Constellations being in the battle to retake DS9. The DS9 manual doesn't list this class of ship for the battle and the visual evidence doesn't support a Constellation Class U.S.S. Magellan.)

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