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Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
If anyone has been following the development of the DS9 documentary and season 8, they have released an image of Captain Ezri Dax's ship. No, not the USS Aventine. This is a new ship of a yet-to-be-announced class. Eaglemoss is also releasing a scale rendering of this ship as well.

Posted by Dukhat (Member # 341) on :
So from what I understand, this is just from an imaginary DS9 season 8 that some people came up with 20+ years after the fact. Never mind that the ship is clearly just another unimaginative John Eaves design, but why the hell would Ezri Dax go from a counselor to a ship captain in one year without any command training whatsoever?
Posted by Shik (Member # 343) on :
No, thank you.
Posted by Shik (Member # 343) on :
Y'know what? I'm revoking Eaves' starship desogn license. He's done. Pack your shit & go.
Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
It's sad when you can't really even guess at a starship's intended era anymore. This ship could show up on Discovery S2 and there'd be no way to say it didn't fit. Literally the only iffy part would be the E-E-esque Bussards, but then translucent covers over them are a thing.

Thanks, Eaves.
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
This animated season 8 is set years after WYLB. And is helmed by Ira Stephen Behr, FWIW.
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
I guess the one thing I can say in favor of the design is that, if it's supposed to be post-DS9, at least that's the one time where a ship that looks that Sovereign-esque belongs. I definitely don't care for it, though.

That said, I'm still really looking forward to the documentary.
Posted by Brown_supahero (Member # 83) on :
I kinda like Eaves work on disco. However, I hate the Emmette Till... the ship not the person.
Posted by Spike (Member # 322) on :
At least this looks period appropriate and better than the ship Ezri got in the novels.
Posted by Lee (Member # 393) on :
I like the Vesta-class. Could stand to see it on, say, the Picard show. Have to admire how they're basically saying "A second-rate ship's counsellor ends up as a Captain? Sure, that I can buy, but that ship she's commanded in however many books, that'll have to go." That's some prime stupid you got there, boy.
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
Just like the Ferengi in the gorilla suit, the Aventine had to go.

Probably has something to do with IP rights, I'd wager.
Posted by Toadkiller (Member # 425) on :
Since almost everything is old, I’m posting anyhow.

Just saw this., I almost like it as it is post war at least. But why four nacelles? He asks the void.

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