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Posted by o2 (Member # 907) on :
Yesterday I was able to look at the remastered battle scenes from DS9 documentation 'What We Left Behind' (Blu Ray, not stream). Boy, that was awesome!

We have a good look at some Galaxy, Akira, Saber, Miranda and Federation Fighter class ships, and in the distance I saw at least one Excelsior. Ok, none of these ships are new, but the entire battle was way better that I have hoped for!

Unfortunately I was not able to read any new ship names due to the fact that

a) the Galaxys area still not labeled.
b) most ships are to far away.
c) the choosen camera angle does not allow to read the name.

But not only the Federation ships are being shown in HD, all the Cardassian, Klingon and Dominion ships as well.

For the doc they have remasted the three following scenes:

1) The destruction of the USS Odyssey.
2) The run of the USS Defiant through enemy lines in 'Sacrifice of Angels'.
3) The looping of the Defiant in 'What You Leave Behind'.

All the material is approx. 1 Minute in lengh, but it shows us what a DS9 HD remaster would look like...

This is a picture I found in the web:
Posted by Capt. Kaiser (Member # 10511) on :
Awesome [Smile]
Posted by o2 (Member # 907) on :
Yeah, I have to admit that that example screenshot is not that much impressive. It was the only one I could find in the www.

If I find the time over the weekend, I will upload some screenshots...

Can anybody suggest a site where I can host those picutres?
Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
Even the DS9 beauty shots are faptastic.

Posted by Brown_supahero (Member # 83) on :
Great documentary! Love the HD battle scenes

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