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Posted by Wes1701E (Member # 212) on :

Thought you guys in here might enjoy these as well.

Posted by Aban Rune (Member # 226) on :
Very cool.
Posted by Eclipse (Member # 472) on :
What happened to the name on the top piccy?
Posted by Joshua Bell (Member # 327) on :
It looks like the texture from the port side of the craft was flipped to texture the starboard side, presumably since the TV Guide render was more clearly lit on the port side.

Thus, this ship is the 10-X-01 ESIRPRISE.

Posted by Wes1701E (Member # 212) on :
very preceptive. the name will be removed so I can import it into Star Trek: Dominon Wars and Armada.
Posted by Treknophyle (Member # 509) on :
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
Actually, if you look at the rear view, it appears the "10-X-01" is really there... :-)
Posted by Wes1701E (Member # 212) on :
i put this project on hold for now until i see the underside of the ship (should be within a few weeks)

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