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Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
I had so much fun on the Charybdis screen that I decided to do something similar with ASDB's Antares.


But this time the LCARS screen is period specific.

It may even become a new form of Trek art [Wink]
Posted by The Red Admiral (Member # 602) on :
I've already told you what I think of these: excellent. Althgough wasn't the original Antares NCC 501...?
Posted by Aban Rune (Member # 226) on :
I love that frickin' ship! I've seen it before, but man, is it cool. Especially the refit version.

The LCARS graphics are sweet too [Smile]
Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
Originally posted by The Red Admiral:
Althgough wasn't the original Antares NCC 501...?

Thats what the Encyclopedia says, but since that registry is conjecture and too low to be related to the Constitution or have a feasable 2280's refit that survived into the 2360's.
So I stuck an extra thousand on.

[ June 10, 2002, 14:15: Message edited by: Reverend ]
Posted by Vogon Poet (Member # 393) on :
Those buttons on the right are just crying out to be animated, and blinking. . .
Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
If you insist. [Wink]
Posted by darkwing_duck1 (Member # 790) on :
Nice animation! You need to slow down the blink rate, though. In TOS the blink rate was once every 2-3 seconds. [Smile]
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
Has anyone noticed, that the buttons and colour scheme of the LCARS (I wonder if it was called that then? Maybe DCARS (Daystrom Computer Access and Retrieval System)?) is all Jamaican - i.e. red, yellow and green? - Uhura is the only station to have red, yellow, green AND blue. I wonder why?
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
Red, yellow, and green are African colors. The Jamaican flag is black, yellow, and green.
Posted by Harry (Member # 265) on :
These things are usually contagious. I like Kris' TOS screen better, though.

This one is a little more creative. It is supposed to be one of those early TOS readouts.

Posted by Masao (Member # 232) on :
I like that last one. Looks like it was prepared on a manual typewriter in Roddenberry's office.
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
Thanks TSN. Heh. Why does Boy George sing about Red Gold and Green or something in that Cumma Chamaelion song... !?! [Smile]
Posted by Magna Ultrus (Member # 239) on :
It's Karma, and it's probably because he's a flagrant homosexual.
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
I read that as 'fragrant' LOL!
Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
Perhaps the primary colours are for the benefit of species who are colour blind?
Posted by Treknophyle (Member # 509) on :

Query - have you thought of using the latest (Insurrection) color scheme? If memory serves, it was metallic bronze (real bitch to do RGB) and black.

VERY attractive though...
Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
I haven't gotten into the more familiar LCARS style yet, but I do plan on it just as soon as I can get a hold of some good reference material.

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