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Posted by Omega (Member # 91) on :
Just saw this. Good stuff! Hypercube didn't have much to recommend it, but this one is much more like the original in feel. However, it takes a completely different tack, dealing with the people outside the cube. I didn't expect that to work, but the people outside the cube don't know much more than the people in it do, so it works quite well. The superior from upstairs is great! Most of the characters are pretty unique, as usual. And the traps were much better than last time around, closer to the original. One guy pulling a pipe off the wall didn't quite work for me, the cube can't be that easily dismantlable. But it didn't matter that much.

Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
Gawd how many times are they going to suck the blood from the uniqueness that was the first movie!?!
Posted by Reverend (Member # 335) on :
As many times as it's profitable.
Posted by Aban Rune (Member # 226) on :
I didn't realize the third one was out yet. Is it direct to video? Or was it on Sci-Fi?

The second one was suck-a-rific, so I'm hoping this one makes more sense. Does it continue with the cryptic story line at the end of the second one about preparing the next phase or something?

That actually kind of irritated me because the whole point of the first one seemed to be that it was one giant forgetten project that had gotten out of control.
Posted by AndrewR (Member # 44) on :
The second movie was profitable? I thought it was a straight-to-video affair.
Posted by Omega (Member # 91) on :
The two aren't mutually exclusive. And yeah, this one retrieves some sort of atmosphere. It IS part of a larger system, run on purpose, but the people running it don't know why.

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