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Posted by Mark Nguyen (Member # 469) on :
Okay, so Voyager did this one most recently, I think... And even then, that was not exactly the first time we've seen the SF "implanted memories of killing someone" schtick. Still, this was done with the usual Stargate wit and aplomb. Which, like other Stargate re-dos of SF cliches, makes it an entertaining (if low key) romp literally down memory lane. Good Mitchell episode.

-So WHY is Teal'c hanging around again? He passed the running of the Free Jaffa Nation to Bra'tac, but many among his people were peeved that he goes off to do anything BUT make work the nation he helped create. Still, it's fun to see a four-member SG team doing the classic stuff again.

-The Galerans are roughly along where Earth was in terms of alien technology use a few years back, sans hyperdrive. They've had their own gate program for a year or so, and are also in the business of exploiting alien tech. They managed to get this far as they were also under the Asgard protected planets treaty.

-They're not really trying to disguise that they're just using upscale homes as sets, are they? Oh well, a doorknowb is a doorknob is a doorknob....

[likewise, brandy is brandy is brandy, as are the typcial brandy glasses...]

-Hey, it's that EPA guy from Ghostbusters! I keep waiting for a dump truck of melted marshmellow goop to be dropped on him.

-The guns the Galeran guards use have been seen in the franchise before, and are just spraypainted chrome silver.

-Mitchell's dad was a USAF test pilot, whose legs were amputated after a crash in early 1981. Cam says he wasn't more than ten at the time, establishing his age more firmly than anyone else on SG-1 except Teal'c and Bra'tac. And unless Carter or Jackson were 26 when they started with SG-1, Mitchell is also the youngest member of the team.

[Age check: according to IMDB, as of today Shanks is 35, Judge is 38, Tapping is 40, and Browder is 43 - for reference, RDA will be 56 next week]

-We get some NICE VFX work with Mitchell's F-16 flashback. Iron Eagle, anyone? [Smile] This was probably within the last five years, and FINALLY gives Mitchell a bit of a background as a fighter pilot. Unlike his predecessor O'Neil, he was a career fighter jock who transferred to the SGC's F-302 squadron, and then to SG-1; and not a USAF special ops vet like most everyone else. I like that.

-On the glass "circuitry wall" in the memory lab, you can see one of those plastic magnifying things you can stick to car windshields. [Smile] Oddly though, there ISN'T one in the mirror image diagram of the set piece.

-We haven't seen the SGC locker room in a while... It's gone through several incarnations, and this one looks like a patchwork assembly of some of the ones we've seen over the years.

The episode is dedicated in the memory of Jeff Upton. Jeff was a gaffer (lighting tech) on the SG-1 production team. Dunno the circumstances of his passing.

Posted by MinutiaeMan (Member # 444) on :
I got the impression that Mitchell's bombing mission gone wrong happened in Afghanistan. It would be the most setting-appropriate given the rather arid terrain and the apparent context of the attack. (Watching the History Channel recently about special ops and similar groups occasionally has its benefits. [Wink] )

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