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Posted by Nim (Member # 205) on :
I have to say, against better judgement, this episode was a better Trek episode than many other episodes in ST:E and VOY. I like that they feel they can do adult-rated things whenever they like, for instance twist the knife lodged in a person's leg, or bring about the solution they did against the crew at the end of the episode. Also, the dark end note on the Orville.

Sure, the plot is boilerplate, just like the previous episode with the timetravel (Berlinghoff Rasmussen almost), but at this point, all frame narratives have been set down already, it's just a matter of style now.

At first I was mad when noticing that the show was not going to be a total parody with little to no consistency between episodes, but if they can find their footing even better after this, it might stand neck-and-neck with Discovery.

As for guest actors, after having gotten Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, and Kelly Hu, 3 in a row, they really are pulling ahead of Discovery in that regard (even if it's for entertainment).

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Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
This was actually my least favorite Orville episode. The badguys were completely oblivious, the unknown tech readily hackable, the alien display numerals arabic, et cetera. There were too many bad tropes all together, I guess, with not even a wink toward the fourth wall. I was also not cool with the Neegan-esque head butchery.

That said, the Liam Neeson episode was fantastic TOS.
Posted by Nim (Member # 205) on :
And you had Lt. Col T.C. McQueen, the Angriest Angel.

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