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Posted by Xentrick (Member # 64) on :
See news video of the lines for the new toys?

A local Toy's 'R' Us grossed $35,000 between midnight and 1:00 AM.


Posted by Aethelwer (Member # 36) on :
Ack! I suspect the toys will be pretty much impossible to get. I'll probably avoid them (as usual, actually), except for the droids and ships if they're available in one form or another...

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Posted by deadcujo (Member # 13) on :
The models as well. I'm definetly getting some.

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Posted by Sol System (Member # 30) on :
My name is Simon, and I...I purchase Star Wars action figures.

It's really rather odd. I don't exactly...shall we in with most of the others doing their shopping. I have no unkempt wispy beard, for instance. And I have use of both my eyes.

But come on, toys are fun.

As far as availability goes...don't worry. I don't know what it's like elsewhere, but I can't go into a store without getting hit in the face by a rack of Phantom Menace toys. They are quite literally everywhere, in large quantities.

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