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Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
I'm surprised no-one bought it up yet...

Overall, quite good. Not as good as Empire's, but then nothing is.
FYI, my face three theme's of the original trilogy in order..
Ben's theme (the force theme)
Imperial March
The Emperor's theme.

Of the new soundtrack, I like Annakin's theme. It's lovely, and the best touch is right at the end when we get the downbeat from the Imperial March. Brilliant.
I loved the Emperor's/Palpatin's theme on track 14, as I always have. It's apparently the Sith theme now too.
Williams refrains from using the main title music, which has always been Luke's theme, and so wouldn't make much sense in the new film. He does sneak it in at one point, along with a whole bar from the Imperial March.

I'm not to keen onthe kid choir sining on the final track. ONe superb thing I didn't realise until just today is that the choir is actually singing a variation on Palpatine's theme. Smooth there John.

Apart form that the end titles are good. The classic main theme and rebel fanfare, then into the traditional concert arrangements of the movies main themes, which in this case is Duel of the Fates (quite good) and Annakins' theme.
One of the nicest parts is right at the end. Rather than returning to the fanfare and ending on a big crescendo like the others, this quietly fades out, with the final notes being the Imperial March. Perhaps hinting at the apparent darkness in the next film.

Still, there is a lot fothe soundtrack missing. (about 40 mins worth) and the choir doesn't gel with the SW fanfare in the end credits, especially compared to the great way the Throne Room Finale did in A New Hope.

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Posted by Sol System (Member # 30) on :
My friend Kris bought it, but I haven't really given it a good listen yet.

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