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Posted by Aethelwer (Member # 36) on :
These are the Star Wars products advertised in the MediaPlay insert in today's paper. I suspect it is only a small fraction of what's available.

Electronic Naboo Hero Fighter
Movie Novelisation (Four different covers available)
Movie Soundtrack
Podracer N64 Game
TPM PlayStation Game
TPM Incredible Cross-Sections
TPM Children's Novelisation
Making of Episode I book
Annotated Screenplay
Episode I Sticker Book
Episode I Scrapbook
TPM Movie Storybook
Gungan Frontier CD-ROM
TPM Mousepads
Sheet Music: "EZ Piano"
Sheet Music: "Piano/Vocal Chords"
Yoda Puppet
R2-D2 3-D Sculpture Puzzle
Destroyer Droid Alarm
Clash of the Lightsabers Card Game
Anakin Youth Cap
Logo Cap
Darth Maul Batik Bucket Cap
X-battles T-shirt
Naboo Swoosh T-shirt
Darth Maul T-shirt
Flock Glow-in-the-Dark T-shirt
Oval Logo T-shirt
Pod II Youth T-shirt
Destroyer Droid Yo-Yo with sound
Trade Federation Battleship Yo-Yo with sound
Lightsaber electronic game
Darth Maul Watch
Darth Maul Necktie
Darth Maul Boxer Shorts
Darth Maul Bank
Darth Maul Ceramic Mug
Darth Maul Door Poster
Sebulba Sports Bottle
Podracer Canteen
Jar Jar Stuffed Toy
Supersoaker Naboo Pistol
Jar Jar Transforming Set
Collector's Edition 20-month Wall Calendar
18-month Mini-Calendars
Framed TPM poster
TPM Trading Cards
Mini Action Fleet Scene
Turbo Pod Racer
Figurine Gift Set
Darth Maul Vinyl Doll with Glow-in-the-Dark Lightsaber
Binocular Camera
Sith Spacecraft Universal Remote Control
Flip Phone
Droid Fighter Snapfast Model
Naboo Fighter Snapfast Model
Naboo Starfighter toy
R2-D2 toy
Naboo Fighter Inflatable Ride-on
Jar Jar Inflatable Chair
Darth Maul Inflatable Chair

At this point, I say we buy all this stuff, at which point George Lucas will surpass Bill Gates as richest person in the US.

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Posted by Elim Garak (Member # 14) on :
And I've heard dozens of Star Wars fans bash Star Trek for commercialism! They've said that Wars isn't out to make a profit of its fans... Erm, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that why Star Wars comics are suffering?

Anyway, this is a pretty full list! *makes plans to get some sheet music*

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Posted by Simon on :
I remeber last year before Christmas I found a list of all the Star Wars things for sale and there were hundreds of them. Every thing form toilet roll holders to life size models and this was even before any of the new Episode One stuff was out.

I'm not buying any of it, except perhaps some of the Lego which is really, really neat.

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Posted by Jeff Raven (Member # 20) on :
Well, I bought the magazines, and the sound track...but since I don't have any money, I'm not going out any time soon...hehehe.

George Lucas did say he really didn't make this movie to make money...he did it to entertain... On the other hand, Lucas DID expect to make money from the toy sales, as he is still a businessman, and plans to exploit Star Wars as best he can...heheheh

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Posted by Hobbes (Member # 138) on :
That's a hell of a lot of stuff. Lucas saying he made Episode One for just entertainment and not profit is bull. With a list, most of which is crap, how can he say that? Though I heard that Podracer game is fun.


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Posted by Pedro on :
Personally, I like the commercialism, the movie was awesome regardless, and now I get to buy lots of stuff to play with. I especially want the Darth Maul boxers and toothpaste (the Droid Control ship inflatable pool was tempting as well *L*).

*spent $100 on books/magazines/models this weekend, will spend more*

Posted by Dani (Member # 57) on :
Where can I get one of those Supersoaker Naboo Pistols? *LOL* And knowing me, I'll probably end up with some of the Lego too...if you haven't seen the Star Wars section of the Lego website yet, you should check it out. (Make sure you have the Macromedia Flash plug-in!

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