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Posted by Pedro on :
Not sure if it's really ok to post this here (it's OK, right Frank? ), but it didn't seem appropriate for the artwork forum. I thought you guys might like to see some pictures of the Droid Starfighter mesh I'm working on (I may never go back to Trek!). Opinions?

Posted by Aethelwer (Member # 36) on :
It looks excellent! Yes, of course you can post it here! I'm glad to see you got the gerwalk mode, too. (Oh, wait, this isn't Macross). The detailing is nice also...

"CORUSCANT...DOES NOT COMPUTE...I mean, uh, you're under arrest." - Anonymous battle droid

Posted by Elim Garak (Member # 14) on :
*oohs and ahhs*

Garak: "I do apologize. You must be incensed. In fact, if I were in your shoes, I'd... grab a bottle of champagne and shoot me." (DS9: "Our Man Bashir")

Posted by Pedro on :
Heheh, Gerwalk....

"Look out, it's a Trade Federation Battroid!"

Thanks for the oohs, guys.

Posted by Hobbes (Member # 138) on :
I got a friend that made some Star Wars CGI's, I'll see if I get some of them here. They look really great.


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