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Posted by Trinculo on :
At a recent Sci Fi Expo in Plano, Texas Gary Kurtz discussed the original plan for the Star Wars nine episodes.

Episode One-
Examination of the Jedi-their origins, initiation, and training.

Episode Two-
Introduction and development of Obi Wan Kenobi

Episode Three-
Introduction and life of Darth Vader

Episode Four-
The New Hope

Episode Five-
The Empire Strikes Back

Episode Six-
Princess Leia elected Queen. Han Solo dies. Luke confronts Darth Vader. Leia was not planned to be Luke's sister.

Episode Seven-
Luke trains to become a Jedi Master.

Episode Eight-
Luke's sister reunites with her brother.

Episode Nine-
The Emperor appears.

Gary Kurtz gave a mixed review of the "The Phantom Menace" which be in video stores by end of year.

Do the fans of Star Wars have an opinion?

Source: TheForce.Net; Cinescape

Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
Lucus has shown that the overall story has been pretty fluid, like Leia being Luke's sister.
In several drafts of TESB, Vadar was not Luke's father. Annakin Skywalker would appear and help Luke confront Darth in one story idea.
Kenobi was suppossed to train Luke right until the end. His death in SW was a last minute idea.

Also, the trilogy or nine-part was always going to end with the destruction of the Death Star (withthe Emperor aboard) When Lucus was cutting his script down for ANH, he realised that by moving a lot of the plot to later films, he didn't have an ending for ANH. So he stole the DS ending. When he got to Jedi, he was buggered. So he took the interesting move of repeating himself, with a bigger Death Star.

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Posted by Jeff Raven (Member # 20) on :
Well, I read somewhere that Lucas wasn't planning on doing a final 3 episodes, cuz everyone was bugging him about it! He said that he wasn't even finished with the first three....

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Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
We know. This is the original plan. Notice the entry for ep 6 isn't what happened anyway.

Lucus isn't doing the final 3 because he'll be about 60 when the third ones released, and doesn't want to still be doing these films when he's dead.

'His limbs flail about as if independent from his body!'
-Chandler Bing on Michael Flatley.

Posted by Baloo (Member # 5) on :
Besides, Union rules are very strict about working with dead directors. Someone else will have to complete the last trilogy of the series.


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Posted by PsyLiam (Member # 73) on :
He wont let them. NO-ONE is allowed to touch the franchise after he's gone. And if they do, he'll come back with a blue aura, and reverb on his voice, and, erm, shout at them to stop or something.

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