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Posted by speedingslug (Member # 1966) on :
(url deleted), look at these little beauts, hand made. My data base is a bit knacked at the moment but what do you think of the piccies ?

Oh yeah I didn't make them, but thinking of making a lazer rifle. Any ideas on where to get a blueprint of one ?

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Posted by Peregrinus (Member # 504) on :
Would you maybe mean a blaster rifle? Places to haunt: The Parts of Star Wars, The Blaster Builders' Club, and various 501st detachment boards. [Smile]

As for lightsabers, I have six that I've cobbled together mostly from trips to hardware and plumbing stores, with nifty bitz gotten from a very good online source. Three different designs, two each -- one belt-hanger/stunt, one Force FX. One design is mine, and the other two are Jen's.

Posted by speedingslug (Member # 1966) on :
Thanks for the advice, blaster rifle of course. Have you got photo's of your lightsabers?

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Posted by Peregrinus (Member # 504) on :
Not yet. They're still WIPs, plus I've begun tentative work on another based off a Stormtrooper's thermal detonator, as that piece of the costume was originally going to be a lightsaber, as per Ralph McQuarrie's concept art. Moving has tended to interrupt things, but I should be working on them again -- with pics -- sometime in July.

Posted by Kazeite (Member # 970) on :
Hm... Those cutaway lightsabers look cool, yeah, but needlesly complicated and kinda fragile at the same time [Smile]

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