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Author Topic: DS9, Voyager forums merged into General Trek
Charles Capps
We appreciate your concern.
It is noted and stupid.
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We've moved all the posts from the DS9 archive and the practically dead Voyager forum into the General Trek forum.

All the moved topics are CLOSED, so don't bother trying to ressurect them. [Wink]

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Can I say Voyager sucked one last time?

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It didn't suck - it just wasn't as consistently good as TNG, TOS or DS9. It suffered from neglected and underdeveloped characters. It had a fantastic premier, and first season. It didn't pick itself back up until "Before and After" or the start of season 4. If they gave us characters we could love and grow with - then it might have been a bit more of a success. (They only manage to accomplish this with The Doctor, Seven of Nine and perhaps Janeway a little). Other than that - who really were Chakotay, Harry Kim, Neelix, B'Elanna, Tuvok and Kes? They never really 'grew the crew' - Naiomi, Icheb - that's about it.

Enterprise, easily is worse. (from what I've seen - up to "Cold Front".

As I mentioned in aus.sf.startrek - if Tucker, or Mayweather or even Archer carked it now - would anyone really care? I mean even in season 1 TNG, the woefully underused Tasha had a very beautiful and moving final scene. It made you sad. The only two on Enterprise that have given us anything to 'cling on to' (excuse the pun) is Hoshi and Phlox.

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That is your opinion, but I can say that Enterprise is actually good. I seriously do not see what is wrong with it, like some people have pointed out.

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Jeff Raven
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Wow, that was a quick hijacking of this thread!

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Originally posted by AndrewR:
Enterprise, easily is worse. .

[EXCITEMENT]Yes!! Finally somebody who agrees with me! YES!![/EXCITEMENT]

Don't bother watching the rest of Enterprise. It did like Voyager, go down hill and down and down and then the ground collapsed beneath it. Pray it don't go on for seven seasons like this.

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