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Jason Abbadon
Rolls with the punches.
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Suck it, Republican fuckos!
Suck it all night long.

McCain is gracious in defeat, Palin is so low class as to refuse any comment, much less congradualte Obama and Biden and even FOX News is calling it a "sweep".

I laugh much like Invader Zim anyway but tonight moreso than usual....and over the intercom at work.

My joy tomorrrow morning (after work) will be to watch FOX News make excuses, point fingers and cast about for a scapegoat.
My guess is the villification of Sarah Palin.

Goood times.

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"Don't fight forces; use them."
--R. Buckminster Fuller


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Daniel Butler
I'm a Singapore where is my boat
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Comin' again to pretend to be a democracy yeah! I mean, uh, yeah, it's great, I'm sure we'll see a new freer America any day now.

Yes. I'm cynical.

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Teh PW
Self Impossed Exile (This Space for rent)
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I'm too busy defending freedom atm to giggle in glee (yeah i voted for O, too). have to wait until we're underway again to really review the electricution results (She really didn't comment on O's victory? *shrug* She's alaska's c*nt then, not mine...)

Change bitches (hope for the better)...

change. Indeed. [Cool]

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Guardian 2000
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"Palin is so low class as to refuse any comment"

You mean where, like Biden with O's speech, and according to the usual way of things, the VP-candidate didn't talk during the concession speech?

I'm sorry to interrupt, I'm just highly amused that someone who just said "Suck it, Republican fuckos" would call someone who was silent "low class" for being so, and doubly amused that they would do so from the supposedly- (read "faux-") egalitarian perspective of the Democrats.

In any case, Obama and his campaign staff (including the media) did a smash-up job. The race was his to lose, and while he still managed to falter in the polls at times, the economic trouble crafted by his Democrat comrades in the 1990's and maintained throughout the 2000's came to the rescue at the most opportune time in history.

Good show.

G2k's ST v. SW Tech Assessment

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Jason Abbadon
Rolls with the punches.
Member # 882

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In any election both of the losing party traditionally give some consolation remarks- McCain's were really very gracious considering the dirty campaign he's run.
Palin refusing to even meet with press is just more of the obvious disdain (or is it fear?)
she's shown toward the media.

If I seem a tad "low class" in my comments it's forgivable (as are anyone else's not actually running for the highest offices in the world) after all the slanders, lies and mud slopped against not only Obama himself but (locally at least) Democrats as a group- here in south florida -this morning- McCain voulenteers were passing out spanish language fliers warning how Obama is a communist.
Fuck's sake- yeah, I say "suck it" to those kinds of bozos and all last eight years of their tactics.

the economic trouble crafted by his Democrat comrades in the 1990's and maintained throughout the 2000's came to the rescue at the most opportune time in history.

Now you're high- seriously.
There's so much blame to go around for the economic mess (least of which falls squarely on McCain's pro-deregulation stance or upon the Fed Chairman always lowering intrest rates to prop up an econemy grossly out spending any previous administration or Bush cutting taxes during wartime, etc.) to go around: to say the Democrats are responsible is both misleading and uninformed at best.

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I'm a spy now. Spies are cool.
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In 1997 the Tories here in the UK would still answer any Labour criticsim of their economic policies by tabulating all the problems they inherited from Labout - in 1979. Eighteen years before. And we all know how well that worked for them.

Truth is, a lot of the current problems with the world economy stem from much further back, to the 80s and beyond. So you could just as easily blame Reagan or Bush I, but I suspect the name of a certain Man From Plains will doubtless be the first one to slip from your lips. . .

And, really, do you actually think McCain would be better? He was implicated in one of the bigger financial scandals of the 1980s, once which foretold the sure death of Reaganomics, and he only escaped untarred from that by, it's now suggested, actively-but-covertly briefing against the other members of the Keating Five, behind the scenes. Add to that his championing of de-regulation, and his idiotic "Campaign Suspension" to Save The Economy, only to sit in on a Presidential meeting and do and say nothing. . .

Never mind the Phlox - Here's the Phase Pistols

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All in all, I hope Obama performs his job well. If so, he will be receiving my vote in the '12 election.

Now, we just have to put up with 3 more months of Bush...

"Kosh, I'd like to introduce you to our Resident schmuck and his side kick Kick Me."-Ritten

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity".
-George Carlin

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The Ginger Beacon
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Ha ha ha!

Twas good news indeed. Now if only we can find an Obama figure to replace either Cameron or Clegg and we'll be laughing too.

I have plenty of experience in biology. I bought a Tamagotchi in 1998... And... it's still alive.

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Space Cadet
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I think the only thing you'll find me agreeing on is that it's good to finally end all the campaigning and political ads.

And that's all I'm going to say on the subject, because I don't like being dog-piled on.

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Resident Nut-cache
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I watched it live. I watched Obama's speech. It was inspiring.

McCain's speech was quite gracious.

I was trying to think about what makes Barak Obama different to other presidents of the last 40 years. I think it's easy to say - he's INTELLIGENT.

No more morons, clowns, creeps and movie stars.

It'll be interesting to see what happens.

"Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." - Jim Halpert. (The Office)

I'm LIZZING! - Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

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Chinese Canadian, or 75% Commie Bastard.
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Some observations from a Canadian:

1) During McCain's concession speech, each time Barack Obama's name was said, a chorus of boos erupted. McCain did his best to quiet them and tell them now is not the time to be jeering your opponent but it goes to show how big (and bad) the political divide is.

2) CBC caught some shots of some people waving the Soviet Union Flag at an Obama rally at the White House (the rally was jeering at Bush to get out of office). Looks like the work of some McCain supporters out to decry Obama as a socialist/communist/anti-American/insult of the week.

3) There is agreement among my fellow Canadians that while we approve of Obama becoming President, he picked a really bad time to be one. What with the US economy going down the tubes and PR of the USA at an all time low, Obama will have a real tough time pulling his country out of the deep trench. Even with progress made, the Republicans are sure to label Obama as ineffective come 2012. He may well be a one term president, and it will be a tumultuous one. I don't mean to be racist but if Obama is unable to overcome these obstacles, it is highly unlikely that the USA, with all its political and racial divides, would trust the presidency to another member of a visible minority.

"And slowly, you come to realize, it's all as it should be, you can only do so much. If you're game enough, you could place your trust in me. For the love of life, there's a tradeoff, we could lose it all but we'll go down fighting...." - David Sylvian
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lol @ CNN's "hologram" effect.

It's just a form of motion control using multiple cameras.

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WizArtist II
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I personally would not be surprised if there is a second Civil War (or War Between the States if you prefer) in this country within the next decade. There are a lot of people out there who may very well be feeling like William Foster 'D-FENS'.

There are 10 types of people in the world...those that understand Binary and those that don't.

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aka Tora Ziyal
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I wanted to share this email message from an online friend who lives in the black ghettos of NYC.

What I was trying to say in my long night of emotional ups and downs was that only in the past two days did I realize exactly what it meant for Obama to win. I mean, I get it intellectually; I get it emotionally. I get it in all kinds of ways. But I only got it within the past two days what it means for every person who is NOT WHITE (Caucasian). This was especially moving to me because of where I live. I complain about, and get so frustrated about, the isses that plague the Black Community where I live and I just don't understand why there seems to be no effort to rise above the history of oppression. I mean, as an objective caucaisan, I could relate to oppression and struggle from only so many angles, and I really thought I was doing a good job of empathizing... but I wasn't.

In the past couple of days with the election on the horizon, I felt something change in my community. I felt what I never felt before, which is the anchor of oppression that isn't just an artifact from the past, as I had always seen it, but a deep wounding that was handed down from generation to generation as if it was the only option for defining the Black race. But see, I knew this... but I didn't GET it.

Today, as I started feeling the energy moving in more and more alive ways, I suddenly felt this implosion and I realized just how powerful it meant for us to have a Black President. And then it really REALLY hit me... I mean, if I think that's such a moving thing... my god, how were other races feeling about this. I mean, centuries of absolutely NO positive models, NO positive representation... nothing. Just the options for thugs and sidekicks and mockeries of themselves. I can relate to it to some degree as a gay man having had our sexuality and effort to love mocked and punished, but... it's not the same.

So my tears tonight were all about my shame in realizing just how ignorant I have been about that reality, and about this incredibly beautiful relief that washed over me that I finally found the empathy and the utter profundity of this election. I have so much excitement for how my community might begin to change now. This anchor of historic oppression as an identity no longer has any valuable weight! It's OVER. Sure, it's not going to change over night, but the efforts to make a difference together will be heightened and the enthusiasm was palpable in my neighborhood tonight. When I walked my dog tonight, my Black community LOOKED AT ME... in my eyes, and smiled and I could tell I was being seen differently. The weight of what I represented was lifted from me, too! I feel it. And I know it might seem silly, but you have no idea how heavy that weight has been for me to live under as I recovered over the past year. To know that the division is potentially tipped in a direction away from history and color defining our possibilities and divisions... Well, I wept. Still weeping...

But then, I'm a big baby, I guess.

And it's NOT about Obama, neccessarily, it's about the entire symbolism and everything involved with that. Like the fact that WE did this... WE put a Black man into our White House! WE DID IT!!

In every future vision of our country, science fiction has a non-White or a woman as President.

We are now living in that future of possibility and everything connected to that fantasy of our future is now rooted as tangible possibilities.

Star Trek... Gene Roddenberry... Here we come!

Along these same lines, my roommate, who is half black and from Kansas, told me about the phone message her dad (who is white) left her. He said that he kept having to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming, because when he married her mother, interracial marriages were still illegal in 25 states. Her parents worked in the civil rights movement and used to get all kinds of death threats from both whites and blacks.

It's pretty hard not to feel emotional to see how far we've come.

life creation in progress

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