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Author Topic: The Scene-We're-Mercifully-Spared In "Nemesis" CapCom ($$$?)
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Now, there are all sorts of rumours flying around out there that the next Trek film features a certain wedding. It's also a matter of fact that Majel Barrett Roddenberry isn't appearing in the film. And when I came across this image - correction, when I found this image (what kind of a man do you think I am?) I thought, let's give it a go. . . 8)


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Saiyanman Benjita
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(All in telepathy)
Lwaxana: Did they just take off our clothes, Little One?
Deanna: Yes, they did, Mother. And stop calling me Little One!
Lwaxana: Do they not realize that Betazed customs would call this a wedding, right?
Deanna: MOTHER!
Lwaxana: So, anyway. Which one thinks they're marrying you? I got dibs on Riker!
Deanna: MOTHER!
Lwaxana: Well, we might as well make good use of our lives, Little One.
Deanna: Mother, will you stop calling me Little One?
Lwaxana: I've always called you Little One, Little One.
Deanna: You realize mine are bigger than yours now.
Lwaxana: I wasn't looking!

You've got to be kidding!
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Braga: I think it will boost rateings!!

Berman: yep!

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just made by the Presbyterian Church
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"I sense something. Great... joy... and... happiness... wonderful!"

".mirrorS arE morE fuN thaN televisioN" - TEH PNIK FLAMIGNO

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Mikey T
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Majel: Is that how I look in front of the camera after all these years?

Marina: It happens, all things sag here and there. That's why there's plastic surgery.

Majel: I don't think I have time before they start shooting though... I think we should skip the nudity for Nemesis. At least you look good.

Marina: I do look good... I have to thank my plastic surgeon later today.

"It speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow, it's not all going to be over with a big splash and a bomb, that the human race is improving, that we have things to be proud of as humans."
-Gene Roddenberry about Star Trek

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Austin Powers
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Majel: What's that camera operator doing? Where's he ponting that lense? Marina, are you sure he is a Paramount employee??

Lister: Don't give me the "Star Trek" crap! It's too early in the morning.
- Red Dwarf "The Last Day"

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