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Author Topic: LD 3x07 "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption" ($$$)
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Finally have a little time this week to do the review thread. [Smile]

So, I was actually expecting T'Lyn to pop up this week based on the episode description. Instead, we got the return of Peanut Hamper, and everything that she's been up to ever since she abandoned ship back in the Season 1 finale.

So Peanut Hamper has put together a makeshift warp engine out of the debris left from the Pakled ships, at least enough to get her to the nearest system. (We see Rutherford's original implant floating by apparently still powered; implying Badgey's not dead either.) She's forced to make a hasty escape once the Drookmani show up to salvage the debris field. Her warp engine spirals out of control, but does get her to a planet where she falls out of the sky.

She awakes to find herself on a planet of owl people who shirk technology. However, the village elder shows her respect and tries to integrate her into society. Eventually, Peanut Hamper's built-in replicator ingratiates her to the locals, and her attitude towards them begins to improve as well. She and the elder's son fall in love (and we're "treated" to some very awkward love scenes) and he shows her that their people used to be warp capable, but gave that up long ago to live in peace.

Time passes, and Peanut Hamper and the elder's son are about to be married. Unfortunately, the Drookmani (complete with J.G. Hertzler reprising his role as their captain) arrive and begin salvaging the old ships from the planet... at the expense of the owl people whose homes are on top of them. Peanut Hamper sends out a Starfleet distress signal, which is (of course) answered by the Cerritos.

The Drookmani are defeated, but its revealed that Peanut Hamper arranged the attack in the first place to get off the planet and back into Starfleet's good graces. Her scheming revealed, she tries to summon the Borg, but gets tackled before she can do so.

The episode ends with Peanut Hamper thrown into a cell at the Daystrom Institute... right next to AGIMUS from Season 2. And yes, Jeffrey Combs also reprises the role here as the two begin plotting their revenge together.

This seems to be a "love it or hate it" episode, based on what you think of the twist of Peanut Hamper's betrayal. Personally, this was 22 minutes of Peanut Hamper being a hilarious b**** to everyone and I can't wait to see her and AGIMUS team up.

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God, she was such a selfish cunt. It was every bitchy self-absorbed teen I've ever met.

The sex scenes were frightening.

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