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Author Topic: LD 1x08 "Veritas" ($$$)
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Hands down my favorite episode so far.

We get two of my favorite Trek guest actors: John de Lancie and Kurtwood Smith. John de Lancie is obviously playing Q, but this is not a Q episode. He has two cameos that are absolutely hilarious. Kurtwood Smith plays the alien "prosecutor".

If there is any weak point, it's the Boimler and Mariner part. They don't find out the ship is at red alert because Rutherford accidentally turned off the alarms, and thus have no idea what's going on. It's at that point that Freeman decides to ask Boimler for options, and of course all his options are terrible. Then Mariner is told to send a message to the alien ship in that way that indicates she means for her to fire. So she fires, only for Freeman to have actually meant that literally.

Tendi's story was hilarious. She's telling this story about how she got pulled along on this classified mission, so she censors the story in the silliest manners possible. The team's eyes are blacked out, and various pieces of info get bleeped out by computer sounds... but what gets bleeped gets sillier and sillier as it goes along. Also, the "SCANNING!" joke went on for too long... but then looped right back around to being funny again by the end. The cuts to the warbirds doing absolutely nothing only helped the joke.

Rutherford's story is all about him trying to download info through his cybernetics, only to keep shutting down and waking up to find himself in crazier and crazier situations. Two words: Gorn wedding.

Everything in between was funny too. Q's first cameo was especially good. He has the Cerritos' senior staff dressed up as chess pieces on a giant chess board facing off against playing cards with a soccer ball inbetween. Freeman's response? "I think he's playing a game with us..."

And the revelation that all of this wasn't a trial, but instead a party? Ha! We never did find out why there was a vat of eels. And Freeman vows to be more transparent with her crew, only for everyone to point out that none of this story made any sense, at which point she declares it all classified to shut them up.

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Agreed, this episode was great! The bit comparing Roga Danar and Khan was hilarious. Rutherford’s implant constantly downloading random shit and then rebooting was a great gag. Also, Doctor T’Ana accidentally boarding the wrong ship was pure gold.

So many great background ships in the museum. I noticed that Shaxs and Rutherford were flying a Vulcan warp shuttle from TMP.

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I like the doctor's joke about all the ships looking the same since so far, IIRC, we haven't seen an old familiar class like the Galaxy, Defiant, Excelsior, etc...

I'll admit, sometimes I feel like the mostly TNG and TOS references are just there so they can be like, "See, we referenced that! Nostalgia for the win! All those Trekkies in their 40s will love it." But when they mention a character from a single episode of season 3 of TNG, seems like the writers took the effort for going for the deep cut reference. At least I think that's the correct term considering when I Google "deep cut reference" it shows images from ST:LD.

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Malnurtured Snay
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I enjoyed this episode ... the mission they went on seemed a little unlikely for "a ship that conducts Second Contact" ... but maybe they were the only ship in the region of, ah, where my notes ... Vulcan.


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Malnurtured Snay
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Also: I wish Playmates would get the license to Star Trek back. Every episode I'm just thinking Playmates would do such a wonderful job making these characters in the same line as their work from the mid 1990s.


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I had to check at the end that it actually was John deLancie. It didn’t sound enough like him, more like somebody else trying to imitate him. Whereas when he was Discord in My Little Pony (look, I have daughters) he was unmistakable.

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