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Author Topic: $$$$$ "Damage" Goods - (Spoilers)
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I've been watching back through season 3, getting caught up. And was it just me or was "Damage" actually interesting and sort of good? I mean I liked that there was a real and difficult moral decision to make and that Archer made it. Thereby stranding those folks. That's so cool.
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Mark Nguyen
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Yeah, and they're still THERE for all we know. Had they the means, would Starfleet send a ship out there to give them back their coil? Or would it best be forgotten, as Starfleet seems to have forgotten the entire Xindi aftermath?


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Captain Boh
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Given the fact that the region isn't exactly empty, I'd say SOMEONE showed up eventually. Maybe Enterprise got the giant Aquatic ship to help them home.
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I don't think that's Balaam's point, though. It would have been nice to see Archer himself go back for them, only to find that they had all died on their ship, and Archer's subsequent anquish over it. But alas, we won't.
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I'm not sure what my point was. I mean it's very likely that someone showed up. But given Enterprise's reception in the Expanse, statistically speaking the Illyrians are in for more pirate fun. I can't imagine they'd fare too well without a warp coil.

I'm not sure I'd even want to see Archer's subsequent anguish. Or find out that the Aquatics helped them or that they radioed for help or anything. I just like the idea that in order to complete his mission (and his mission did have priority) Archer had to do a bad, bad thing. And no one on the ship likes it. And it's tense. But they do it anyway. And the Illyrian crew is fucked.

If it were Voyager, they'd find an asteroid field of warp coils or something. Something would happen that would make it all OK. Not at all desperate like Ransom and Equinox.

It's just nice to see them face a tough choice like that. It's even more hard core that Archer adn Co. got whipped back to Earth and never had a chance to do anything to help the poor bastards.

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Its ST:Enterprise's answer to "In the Pale Moonlight", without the damning reprocussions. I liked it from what I could remember of it. I always thought Casey Biggs was a good actor...in terms of his role as Damar.
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Aban Rune
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I liked the episode and the moral dilemma presented, though, given how deeply affected Archer was by the decision, I find it unrealistic that he wouldn't make any attempt at all to help them. Afterall... they just saved the entire planet... and basically this poor stranded crew helped them to do it. I'd think Starfleet would try to help.

But then... Enterprise is the only warp 5 ship they have. It took Enterprise months to get to the Expanse, right? It would take another ship even longer. Then they'd have to locate them.

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"Damage" really was an episode that I would have liked to have seen a sequel to.

How long it would take a Starfleet ship to get out to that stranded ship would depend upon Enterprise's path through the Delphic Expanse, and how much time was spent investigating vs. travelling. I would assume that Archer and Co. did not travel in a straight line, and may have even had to double back in their search for the Xindi weapon. Furthermore, who knows how much time was spent looking around. A slower Starfleet ship, knowing exactly where to go, might be able to get out there pretty fast.

As for who else may have run into the stranded ship, it certainly might have gotten attacked. I don't see Archer letting the Xindi know about it, considering how he was trying to convince them that humans were all happy fun folks not out to destroy them. Informing them that he had stolen a warp coil from innocent folks stranding them light-years from anywhere would have been contrary to that goal.

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If they needed a fast ship that can get there and it wasn't gonna be Enterprise, it could be Columbia.

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