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Author Topic: Ds9 and galaxy?
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Those stand-ins for shooting passes tend to be foamcore POSes, not fully detailed 3D models that very closely resemble a kitbash destroyed years earlier, though.

In any case, whoever's beside the model is kind of irrelevant, as in Legato's day there never would have been any more of an intention to shoot a New Orleans docked to the station than at any other time. I'm just theorizing that the model managed to end up in the Image G (?) studios if Legato & co. built it for the discarded footage of the Borg battle intended for Emissary.

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The port nacelle looks like the front end could be burnt off. It would be consistent w/ the W359 model if it were the starboard nacelle. I thought maybe one of the pictures was left-right flipped, but, unfortunately, that's impossible. The Kyushu's registry is correctly oriented in the model picture, and, in the DS9 picture, that bespectacled gentleman's shirt is correct.
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Good analyses, Mike and Reverend!

You have convinced me that it's not a Galaxy. I just looked at my AMT model from the same angle, and the pylons should be very different and at the rear end of the nacelles, and the nacelles should be lower.

It doesn't seem to be an Ambassador either. While the nacelles would be correct, the saucer shape is very different.

I still think that what seems to be the secondary hull is actually part of the DS9 pylon, though.

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Uh, just to put right what once went wrong...

The damaged ramscoop IS the starboard one, just like in the original model.

This is because the zoom-in everybody has been using IS a flipped picture. Reverend flipped it for our viewing pleasure, back in the first page, and he didn't just flip it upside down - he flipped it leftside right as well. The text on the bespectacled person's T-shirt is in mirror print in Reverend's picture.

So that should help solve why the model was used: it was a pre-existing model in approximately the correct scale for a typical docked Federation ship. The existing Galaxy foamcore (the only saucer-hulled foamcore known to exist at that time) might have been lost after "Emissary", so this off-the-shelf piece served the purpose just as well.

It doesn't tell us what shot the model was used for, exactly, but I suspect it was a stand-in for the shots with a Nebula docked in the lower pylon (first seen in "Second Sight", I think) - that ship would be about the same size as the New Orleans model wrt the station, while the Nebula model itself wouldn't be in scale with the station and wouldn't have an exact foamcore left over from a previous episode. The only other thing that docked on a lower pylon before CGI took over was the Oberth from the pilot, if I'm not mistaken.

Unless the New Orleans model was excessively heavy or otherwise unwieldy compared with the foamcores, I think it might even have been used as the standard Fed stand-in from that shot on, until the dawn of CGI!

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And after, since the DS9 station wasn't completely CG-fied until the series finale, though sections of it were.

It's a philosophical revenge of the New Orleans class; make every starship look out of scale with respect to DS9, as a punishment for the unwillingness of producers to make an undamaged model of it. The same cost-awareness that prevented its construction would ultimately become a weapon of retribution.

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or yamok sauce...

and compliments from the master of my favorite website ...

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