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Author Topic: Cardassian Runabout
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The same could be true of a smaller shuttle sized craft where the command section is isolated from the holding section. Imagine a Danube with a bulkhead blocking where the door to the connecting walkway used to be.

Regarding the Ravinok, it might be worth noting that there were eighteen crewmembers and thirty-two prisoners onboard, plus the two extra passengers. So we know that it could carry at least fifty two people, I think that rules out this 'new' shuttle design as being the same as the Ravinok, unless of course it's allot bigger than it appears, but I doubt it.
I think it's more likely to have been something the size of the Bok'Nor, a midsized freighter or transport.

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I agree that the shuttle's too small to have been the same type as the ill-fated Ravinok.
(based on the DS9 style shield generator in the pic)

Rev, you ever think of making a travel pod or workbee attachment for the Danube?
That aft piece is supposed to be a replacable module after all.
Might be cool to have a workbee type pod(s) that the Danube could transport between shipyards or as emergency repair tenders.

Just thinking aloud. [Wink]

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The shuttle is almost two stories tall judging by the facility windows. Total height of the forward section, assuming 2.5 meter decks at the facility (i.e. only 8.2 feet), is on the order of 4.5 meters. I would estimate vehicle length to be no less than 15 meters, probably more like 20-25. Habitable section width varies between ~4-5 meters in the front to ~6-7 meters in the larger rear box.

Assuming standard runabout/shuttle layout (i.e. surprisingly little space devoted to engineering in most cases), this is more than enough room to pack in 50 prisoners. Assuming the floorspace can be approximated as a 7(l) x 6.5(w) box connected to a 13(l) x 4.5(w) box, then that's 45.5 square meters + 58.5 square meters. Adding and rounding way down, that's still 100 square meters of room.

I wouldn't want to be a passenger on the thing, but that's enough space for 50 people to all lay down on the floor, albeit in a friendly way.

That said, however, I wouldn't think the Ravinok was a vessel of this type. Eighteen crewmembers is far too many.

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You know, it's really kinda moot to talk about this as if it would have been used for transport prisoners at all because when I was talking about it [at least me], I was thinking that the picture was of DS9. However, that isn't DS9, so that craft is obviously capable of performing something much more than just shuttling Bajorans to and from DS9.

Later, J
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This station is one of the shipyards, right? So maybe it's a cargo shuttle for transporting non-replicatible items for use in the ships being built.


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The station was part of the power complex that served the orbital defense platforms around Chin'toka. So we could even argue the craft or ship was a fighting vessel of some sort, since it operated out of a "fortress".

OTOH, it could be a construction vessel of some kind as well, since the defense network was only finished moments before the Fed/Klingon/Romulan axis attacked. Or a dormitory barge for construction crews. Or just about any type of craft, since Chin'toka appeared to be a major Cardassian conquest - perhaps on par with Bajor, perhaps even more important, as the Union did not withdraw from there. There would have been a *lot* of Cardassian activity there, of *all* kinds. Perhaps the craft were circus cars confiscated from a Cardie USO troupe?

Timo Saloniemi

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Thread Resurrect!

Bernd . . . I saw the side view you have posted for this ship ("Shuttle type 2" here).

It dawned on me, though, looking at pic 1 that you also use and pic 5 from my original post that the ship rather strongly resembles the Baxial that Neelix had, though I think it might have nacelle-type things rather than the strap-on cargo containers. Alternately, it is also carrying cargo but of a different shape.

In any case, I'd go for more of the micro-Galactica look of the Baxial rather than the featureless travel pod look, though it does appear to have the Baxial's snub front nose rather than the Boslic ship's pointy front.

Just a thought.

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