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Author Topic: Conjectural History of the Ptolemy Class
The Defiant

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Here it is:

The Ptolemy Class began as an offshoot of the Saladin Class based off the
highly successful Constitution Class parts. The Ptolemy Class began as a
frigate, employing the finalized design but with a downsized engineering hull.
It was successful in test simulations, and was given the go ahead with the
then Repulse Class project. One prototype was built and failed to live up to expectations.
One of the reasons was that the shuttlebay was too small to fit
the standard compliment of shuttlecraft required. The warp core was made
too small to handle the speed requirements called by it. So in effect, much
like the Cheyenne prototype of a century later it was too slow to work with the
ships it was supposed to. The solution to the problem was to upgrade the
primary hull and get rid of the engineering hull and move that equipment into
the primary hull. Most of the weapons and scientific equipment was gutted,
and as a by-product the pylons were too long and flimsy to effectively
support the nacelles, and while it did fix the speed limitations, it resulted
in the nacelles nearly flying off leaving the ship behind. Meanwhile, the frigate
role was not filled, and the Repulse returned to spacedock again for weapons installations. The weapons installation posed a problem, and it was ultimately
decided to add an extra deck to the whole ship. This was the removal of the
first upgrade of the hull. The ship was successful in all requirements. But then
tragedy struck. On a routine mission, the weapons were fired for 'unspecified'
reasons and one of the phaser banks overloaded on the weapons deck, exploded,
and destroyed 1/4 of the ship. The Repulse the returned to spacedock again, deemed in repairable and was decommissioned. One of the chief engineers of Utopia Planitia suggested a modification of the basic configuration and add a 'neck' and a tow pad to the underside of the primary hull to convert it into a cargo hauler to replace the aging Moskva Class haulers. The first prototype, the Ptolemy, was so successful Starfleet ordered 30 more units built and the decommissioning of the Moskva Class. They served Starfleet well into the next 40 years until the new Belarus Class took over their duties. Most were sold to planet navies. Even though, about 1/4 of them continued to serve for the next 10 years, until they were retired. One still exists in the Starfleet Museum.

Comments? Please...

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First of Two
Better than you
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If you think it sucks, why did you post it?

Or are you just so starved for attention that you're willing to invite having someone drop an anvil on you?

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The Defiant

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It's just... lacking something. So I was extravagant and said it sucks. I don' think it does (runs for cover).
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Why is it broken up like that? Pressing 'enter' at the end of each line...

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Then do so

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The Defiant

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I copied straight from Word. I made over 233 [Eek!] (I counted)spelling mistakes before I put it in word. I had it in Notepad first.
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A Terrible & Sick leek
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Gee, the left margin looks nice though.....

Is this a historical retrospective or a 'current' time write up?? The Cheyenne Class note seems like it is a late period write up....


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The Defiant

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I'd like to read a more requirements-oriented class history, really. Not "let's throw parts together and see what we get", but more like "We need to defend the new trade route to the Mypiloa cluster - should we build sixty light ships, or twelve heavy ones? The light ones would be more effective, but what sort of armament do they need to carry? What sorts of engines can we afford? Can we omit the shuttlebay? Do we design for growth potential or for simplicity? Okay, here's the end product, and like all ships we build, it of course meets the specs we wrote for it - but let's see if it does what it was planned to do, which is a different thing altogether!"...

And I just can't believe that Starfleet would design a ship for one role first, then series-produce it for a completely different role just because it happened to fit that role better. This doesn't happen in the real world. Sure, the hulk of this Repulse class testbed could have served as a testbed for some systems of the Ptolemies - but the Ptolemies most probably wouldn't have resembled the testbed sufficiently to justify including it in the Ptolemy class history at all.

Timo Saloniemi

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