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Author Topic: ETERNAL RETURN: Of the Jedi

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In Baha’i philosophy and teachings there is an element of what Nietzsche called ‘eternal recurrence.’ It’s not quite the same as “the theory that everything that ever has been or ever will be is cycling through history in a loop,” as Megan Shaw defined eternal recurrence in her article on the Eternal Return of the Jedi.1 Nor is the concept of eternal recurrence the same as assimilating all of known and unknown history into some One scheme, as say Joseph Campbell appears to do in his study of mythology or as George Lucas with his three films on Star Wars. At least that is not my understanding of the Baha’i philosophical and historical schemata. -Ron Price with thanks to Megan Shaw, “Eternal Return of the Jedi: The Phantom Menace Approaches,” Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life, Issue #43, April 1999.

The whole thing is far too complex
to reduce to some visual simplicity
or even some masterful total vision
where everything becomes subsumed
into One enormous, but painstaking
inclusion of all of reality, known
and unknown throughout all time.

Still, there’s a richly rewarding
enterprise......confirmation of
the unity of the race of man...
biology and also spiritual history
like a single symphony1 for some who try.
For there is pattern, plot, rhythm,
order and harmonies2 in all
this flotsam and jetsam,
all this staggeringly complex
phenomenological reality before us.

1Joseph Campbell,”On Completion of the Masks of God,” Creative Mythology, Viking Press, 1968, Frontispiece. Campbell began this work in 1956.
2 H.A.L. Fisher, “Preface,” A Study of History, Fontana Press, 1973(1935).

Ron Price
11 August 2003

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Oh, do fuck off.

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H.A.L. Fisher has one great set of initials, though I suppose he quickly grew weary of them. I mean, getting into or out of garages with a passenger must have become a terrible chore.
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Is that spam I smell?

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Maybe, but what for? For marriage, or being a teacher, or for doing so for 3 decades plus? Or for being Canadian, or for living in Australia, for slightly less time? Or for B'nai B'rith or whatever it's called? Perhaps he wants to sell us garage-door openers. . .

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It mightn't be spam but it's just as annoying.

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You would think that the C&P job could have been updated to say George has 6 films.

Do a google search for Ron here I see that he's a member of a lot of dierse forums, sci-fi to baseball, most, it seems, with only a post or two like these here. I wonder if his hits start slumping so he goes forum whoring to get hits?

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"Eternal recurrence" might just be the best theory describing the never-ending periodic influx of retards like this yet.
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Yet there is also a belief in Baha’i philosophy that people who SPAM must be castrated and hot lava poured into their eye-sockets. They are then to be tied to a pole at which point a giant ape will come and penetrate them through the anus.
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I'm assuming he wants to plug his own Baha'i website, the one present in his profile. Thread closed, thankee-sai.
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