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Posted by Saltah'na (Member # 33) on :
Losing so much of your own in the devastation that is the Great Tsunami last year is one thing.

But this goes to show that if you can do so much, you can do anything. Move the slider back and forth to see a comparison.

(warning, site is in German)
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
I once saw a similar picture somewhere that showed the comparison between an area in Japan immediately after the tsunami and a year later as well as a comparison of Ground Zero immediately before and 10 years later...
Posted by Jason Abbadon (Member # 882) on :
Damn! It looks more like Before and after the Tsunami hit rather than pics of the cleanup and recovery!
Seriously impressive human will in action there- and it shows exactly what a people can do with the right mindset- many years later there are parts of New Orleans just abandoned rather than restored.
Posted by HerbShrump (Member # 1230) on :
What's nice are all the other pictures below that you can compare with as well.

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