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Posted by WizArtist II (Member # 1425) on :
Ran across THIS this by accident while trying to pull up reference on Klingon Bird of Prey for a model. I'm not sure I agree with their choices but it is a nice time-waster.
Posted by Dukhat (Member # 341) on :
Half of those choices make zero sense to me, for several reasons. And if that list is supposed to be in numerical order as to the most popular, it's just silly. I mean, the dropship from "Aliens" is #1, while the TOS Enterprise is #4? Really??

I'd say I agree with about 10 or 11 of their choices (and not in the order they're in for that list.)
Posted by Mars Needs Women (Member # 1505) on :
Klingon Bird-of-Prey Number 3, give me a break. Don't get me wrong, I like the Bird of Prey, but I don't think it was more innovative than the Enterprise. The big-e, to my knowledge, was the first "spaceship" in film and television that wasn't a rocket or a pure saucer. To me, it paved the way for other shows and movies to have spacecraft that weren't rockets or saucers.
Posted by WizArtist II (Member # 1425) on :
Maybe what we need to do is come up with our own personal lists and post them. Not 75 though, maybe our own Top 25 and why we ranked them so. Shall we start a New Thread?
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
Sounds like a good idea. A lot of those ships are rather silly, IMO. Yes, a lot of the early sci-fi ships are iconic but they still look pretty silly.

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