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Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :
Sorry it took so long to get to this, folks. Last week was exhausting for me. You all can feel free to start threads for new episodes if it takes me too long. [Razz]

Overall... eh. Way too little plot. Pacing is definitely one of this show's problems. It felt like most of the episode was either Burnham repeatedly trying to convince Book to stand down or Nhan repeatedly threatening to take command of the mission.

And yeah, Nhan's back, if only for the episode. Pacing issues aside, it was good to see her.

I swear to God, Saru, don't f*** this up. You and T'Rina are adorable together.

Tarka's added defenses to Book's ship, and they are brutal. Goes to show what programmable matter is capable of.

Burnham eventually gets Book to stand down by showing the DMA probably isn't going anywhere while its chowing down on boronite, but Tarka fires the weapon anyway. The DMA is destroyed... only for another one to take its place soon after. Why was everyone assuming there was only the one?
Posted by Lee (Member # 393) on :
This episode passed pleasantly enough, I suppose, but it really was just Burnham dithering, Naan hovering, Book vacillating and Tarka monologuing. Rinse and repeat. What’s the betting that next week Tarka has some grand new variant of the same scheme but that this time will work just fine and definitely leave him the intact battery to power his Go-To-My-Happy-Placinator?
Posted by Shik (Member # 343) on :
All I know is that if 10-C ends up being the mechanotentacles we keep seeing in every series, I'm gonna be pissed.
Posted by MinutiaeMan (Member # 444) on :
You have to appreciate the show’s dedication to its messages. Star Trek has never been known for its subtlety, but this season of Disco has been especially obvious. Between Grey “being seen” and having the bickering people “finding middle ground”, the only way they could make it more blatant would be by adding a giant blinking “does this remind you of current events?” caption to the screen. (I fully support the messages themselves, and maybe in times like these we actually need un-subtle messages.)

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