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Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
Any B7 fans among this group?

My prior internet surfings had suggested that Blake's 7 tech talk was wildly underrepresented online. I've lately found a smidgen more, including reference to a Horizon fan tech manual printed at some point, with ship scalings in milli-spatials/spacials.

I ended up submitting a quickie attempted Liberator scaling to a fansite back in the day but the pics are broken now, and having obtained some 3-D models (as part of a massive campaign of Star Trek: Bridge Commander model conversions to SketchUp for my nefarious Volumetrics purposes) I have renewed my interest in locking down scales. (Another modeler has done a wildly inaccurate scaling since then, as well, so that's all the more reason to re-do it properly.)

I have the episodes and of course know of the transcript sites, so a full-on tech site would be great fun if I had the time, but in the meantime I'd love to know of any resources you know about or have found over time . . . maybe there's stuff in the Wayback Machine I could dig up, if I knew where something used to be.

Posted by Lee (Member # 393) on :
Obviously watched it back in the day, but that was as far as it went. With its production values, I’d suggest that if anything was truly unTechManuable it’d be Blakes 7…
Posted by Guardian 2000 (Member # 743) on :
Technical consistency is the key, not budget. While B7 probably has a few hiccups in that regard (I can think of one or two despite years since watching it through), a certain franchise with huge budgets (and even a claimed "Story Group" supposedly maintaining consistency) is far more unanalyzable these days.

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