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Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :

So Kate Stewart easily gets the most badass moment in Doctor Who since Rory's "Would you like me to repeat the question?" by showing how little she is impressed by the Cybermen... by tossing down a destroyed classic Cyberman head from "The Invasion"!

Osgood continues to be awesome enough for the Doctor to insinuate he intends to make her a companion once the crisis has passed, and then the Master kills her just for kicks. Am I the only one holding out hope that the Master's weapon doesn't actually disintegrate and that Osgood is alive somewhere?

And the Master... I just have to say that I'm enjoying the Gomez Master way more than I ever did the Simm Master. Yes, she's still evil, and crazy, but in a more subdued and sad way. Her whole plan was hoping to show the Doctor that he wasn't all that different from herself, so that they could be friends again. Like with Osgood, I'm really hoping this version of the Master isn't gone for good.

And the ending... Clara and the Doctor both lie to each other to spare the other's feelings. Clara lies about Danny being alive again, and the Doctor lies about locating Gallifrey. It's an ending so depressing that the only person who can set things right is... Santa Claus? No, literally, it's Santa Claus. Should be an interesting Christmas special this year.

The only thing I don't think worked all that well was the "appearance" of the Brigadier. It just seemed a bit in poor taste to have the character show up in the revived series only after Nicholas Courtney's death.
Posted by Zipacna (Member # 1881) on :
I'd personally think/hope that the Mistress' weapon uploads the deceased to the Nethersphere device...saving them in the same way that River was saved, coincidentally. Wouldn't be surprised if a future episode picks up on this & recovers everyone. After all if the boy Danny killed can be sent back from the dead, then it's possible.

I did find the Cyber-Brig to be awful. It would have been better to just leave the character as having died in his sleep, always leaving a brandy out in case The Doctor visited one last time.
Posted by Fabrux (Member # 71) on :
I was having a conversation with a friend earlier this season about Clara leaving the show as a companion, which had been announced before the season started, IIRC. I said "you watch, something horrible will happen to her." Why is it that all the companions have to suffer some horrible tragedy while leaving the Doctor? Why can't any of them leave cordially?
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
There's been talk about whether or not she's leaving, but I remember reading something where she said that she wasn't saying one way or the other, specifically so that, when people watch the Christmas special, they won't already know what will happen to her.

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