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Posted by Krenim (Member # 22) on :

The Master/Missy is back already. Not only does she gloss over how she's still alive, but she lampshades it, too.

And Davros is back. Wasn't really expecting that, but let's face it, Davros is almost as good as the Master at coming back from the dead with no explanation whatsoever. Hence why the whole "I'm dying" thing holds absolutely no weight with me.

And the Shadow Architect is back, last seen in "The Stolen Earth". Cool, I guess.

And Ohila is back, last seen in "Night of the Doctor." Also cool, I guess.

Stupid Pointless Snake Guy is stupid and pointless.

And yet another Dalek puppet. [Roll Eyes]

I guess the big reveal of this episode is the Twelfth Doctor traveled back into the Thal-Kaled war on Skaro and met Davros as a boy; presumably saving him from the dumbest minefield ever. We know from "Genesis of the Daleks" that they had regular old mines on Skaro; I wish they'd have gone that route instead.

The Master gets exterminated by the Daleks. (Yeah right.)

Clara gets exterminated by the Daleks. (Yeah right.)

The TARDIS gets destroyed by the Daleks. (Yeah right.)

All in all... I guess I like this episode. I don't hate it, certainly. At the very least I continue to enjoy Michelle Gomez' take on the Master. But it feels like there's absolutely no dramatic tension in it at all. Maybe there'll be some payoff in the next episode. I sure hope so.
Posted by TSN (Member # 31) on :
It's like someone watched "Genesis of the Daleks" and said "Hey, let's do that again, except, this time, the Doctor does the morally wrong thing! And we'll even show a clip from 'Genesis' where the Doctor explains the right thing to do, just to show everyone how tone-deaf we are!"
Posted by Mars Needs Women (Member # 1505) on :
Yeah, this felt like an inferior Genesis of the Daleks. They even have a double dressed as the Fourth Doctor appear at one point. Also they're not doing any favors making fun of the fact that the Doctors' enemies have a tendency to come back to life when they're clearly killed off, featuring 2 of the worst offenders of this in the story. That's not being clever or self-referential, that's just pointing out your dis-regard for continuity while giving your audience the middle finger.

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