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Author Topic: Upgrade Info
Charles Capps
We appreciate your concern.
It is noted and stupid.
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As you can see, the board has been updated to a new version.

If you don't notice the difference: *insert insult here*

Senior Members, Mods, and Admins can now change their titles using the profile edit page. Restricted HTML may be used.

The Senior Member threshold has been bumped to 750 posts to offset the lamosity. Existing members that reached the old 250 threshold will be unable to change their titles manually - but you can still ask an admin.

Messages may now only be edited for up to two hours since it was originally posted. Edits within 10 minutes of posting yield no "Edited by" message - those that make typos, rejoice. [Wink] If the two hour limit turns out to not be enough, I can up it.

Have a nice day.

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/me nodds approvingly... I like, I like [Smile]
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The blue arrows! They're everywhere! AAH! [Wink]

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Excellent.. everything is falling into place now.

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Free ThoughtCrime America
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Good work my man. "Lamosity" will be in my vocabulary now, too.
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I'm... from Earth.
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Personally, I think all the "Re:"s on the front page are a little overboard...
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Not too fond of the re's either.

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Aban Rune
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Looks very cool. Good job!

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Could you fix it to where you click on the blue arrow beside the name of the last person who post take you to the new posts instead of that persons post?

(Did that make any sense?)

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Hmm... I guess it makes sense.
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I think I liked the previous layout better, where the rows were closer together. The blue arrows space things out too much, and make it harder to review the forums at a glance. I suppose that the arrows can be useful, but I prefer to have things a bit closer together.

Still, it looks nice!

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Charles Capps
We appreciate your concern.
It is noted and stupid.
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The space reason is why I've always been opposed to the feature - there's just no other way to lay it out without making the column widths all screwy.

I'll continue the play around with how it's done. At this point, it looks like the arrow icon will go away and the name will be linked instead. (The arrow is misleading - see BWC's post above about the wrong context...)

In the future (after this release goes out in a month or two), you will be able to choose whether or not you wish to see that feature at all.

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One thing I have been meaning to mention, and this seems like a good place, is the portion below the text box for posting....

Can you make the greamlins, buttons, and the sig/disable greamlins check boxes all one table???

This would make it easier to check the boxes without scrollng as much.... Relabel it "instant Options" to fit with the other headings....

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Charles Capps
We appreciate your concern.
It is noted and stupid.
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It's not quite that easy - each of the tables can be turned on and off independantly. [Smile]

I've updated the "last reply by..." link in the template to what we'll be using in all of our products - this is the final. Enjoy. [Wink]

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Gotta say, Charles, not a big fan of the "Re:"

But the control over the status line rules. [Cool]

If God didn't want us to fly, he wouldn't have given us Bernoulli's Principle.

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