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Author Topic: Some personal info....
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My best wishes to you Liz,
the boards won't be the same without you!

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Hey - Never really talked to you, however I know exactly what you are going through (I have a spinal injury)

If I may - perhaps you should consider some alternative treatment - trust me - I know these can work from experience.

The First One is Accupuncture. Although this sometimes an unusual way of dealing with something like this, I have found that some miracles can occur.
I would look into it - and considering I am terrified of needles..... nuff said.

The second may be seeing an osteopath. What does a specialist in bones have to do with tendons? Well, they can tell you some of the secrets behind keeping your arms and wrists suppel -
When I did my spine in, regular doctors could not find anything - after 5 months I went to an osteopath and he fixed it on the spot - with exercise I regained the ability to walk and now I am pretty so-so.

The last thing is more of a question - do you wear tee shirts alot?
One of the major factor in muscular and tendon degradation is surrounding temperature of the affected area.
On the wrist where there is little fat layering, temperature can drop by a few degrees, hence a well lubed area begins grinding (for information only I have a degree in Biomedical science and studied variant temperature systems in my Anatomy units)
This causes muscular stiffness and pain within tendon regions.
By keeping vunerable areas covered by clothing, this will insulate the area and increase body temprature to normal in those areas. Hence a "well lubed system".

I sincerely hope that this might be of some help to you.

Get Well Soon

Chris Gough.


I feel better now.

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Charles Capps
We appreciate your concern.
It is noted and stupid.
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I'll second the osteopath idea, personal experience.

"Okay, so I'm not "SANE" so to speak, but uh... I'm the lovable kind of psycho"

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Chinese Canadian, or 75% Commie Bastard.
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Parting is such sweet sorrow. We hope you'll be back soon, so we can annoy you some more, your almighty PLEHness.

Eric Chow (a.k.a. Tahna Los)
[email protected]

I can resist anything.......
Except Temptation

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The First One
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*never realised he was Accupuncture before*

Sorry, sorry. . . there are just some things that HAVE to be done! 8)

(sounds like some sort of Manga baddie!)

Space Corps Directive #723: Terraformers are expressly forbidden from recreating Swindon.

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Migraine Mistress
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Hey, guys... it's been a few days, but I'm back... thanks for all of the support you're showing me.. it truly means a lot *hugs*

Anyway, I went to the Orthopaedic Sureon today so that I could get.. well, I don't know what.. I hate that man with a passion.... but I still went.

Some good things came out of it though... he finally admitted that he has no answers for me... he's not specialized enough in the hands to be able to help me at all... so I've been referred to yet ANOTHER surgeon.. this one is a hand/wrist specialist, and it's our hope that he can finally make a proper diagnosis and help me on my way to permanent recovery...

On Monday I start Physical Therapy again, so that should be interesting... PT hurts like HECK, but I keep telling myself that it's good for me... My Physical Therapist is a hand\wrist specialist, so that's nice... AND he works with a lot of musicians, which is by far the best part. Only those that work with musicians one a regular basis can even BEGIN to grasp the musician mentality ;-)

Anyway, on top of the new Dr and the PT, I'm going to start taking some new drugs and start doing a new exercise program.. hopefully things'll get better from there!

Until this all resolves itself though, I will not be around much... I'll probably come read the Forums every now and then, but odds are I won't post.. so again, thank you SO much for all of your support, and I'll TTYL... Things can only get better from here! *hugs*


*in memory of Ralph*


May his terracotta soul rest in peace...

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Migraine Mistress
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And in responce to the posts by Chris G and some others-- I HAVE researched alternative therapy, and I've looked at a lot of different things for my treatment, but I have a major issue in my life right now, and that is the fact that I'm only 17 and my parents give me very little say in what medical treatments I go with.... on top of that, there is also the insurance factor... even WITH insurance coverage, all of my treatments, meds, and other things that go along with this are costing my parents a TON... most alternative treatments are not covered by insurance at this point and time, so therefore they are not really options that my parents will even consider.

Thank you so much for the advice though! It's stuff that I can now file away and call upon later when it's plausible for me to use it


*in memory of Ralph*


May his terracotta soul rest in peace...

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