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Author Topic: DSC 1x14 “The War Without, The War Within” (SPOILERS!)
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Poor Saru.

Poor Tyler.

The Mirror Discovery got blowed up by Klingons almost immediately after arriving in the Prime universe. RIP Captain Killy. Best. Nickname. EVER.

Prime Lorca gets written off by Cornwell rather quickly, which means he will totally be showing up at some point. Also, take that, fortune cookies!

So the Klingon houses are all competing with each other to see who can trash the Federation more, and are leaving tags behind at each of their massacres. Is it just me, or are the Klingons acting just like... like... Kazon?! *Shudder*

Qo’noS is hollow? Also, somebody better screencap the heck out of that Qo’noS map, even if it is out-of-date.

Archer namedrop.

Was anybody besides me expecting T’Pol to step out of that turbolift, even if just for a split second? Assuming she didn’t die due to sickness or injury, I’d assume she’d still be alive and kicking, and she has been to Qo’noS.

But no, not T’Pol. Emperor Georgiou is now leading the mission, masquerading as Prime Georgiou with Cornwell’s approval. Listen, show... you got me all psyched last week. Mirror Lorca was revealed, Saru gave an awesome speech, and the showrunners were all “this is where you start seeing the Starfleet you know and love”. Where are we at this week? Adopting brutal Terran tactics and putting the evil Emperor in charge of the ship. I’ve been defending you, show. I really have. But I’m not gonna lie... I was let down this week.

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Maybe it's just me but I never got the impression that the conflict with the Klingons before TOS was the big deal it is now depicted in DIS.

20% of Federation space occupied, a third of Starfleet destroyed in 3 attacks, Starbase 1 (100 AU from Earth) captured by the Klingons...

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FYI, 100 AU is like the outer edge of the Kuiper belt. If the Klingons have taken a starbase there, then they have Earth.

Isaacs says Lorca is "dead dead", & this link I posted elsewhere kinda implies they know what's happened to him & he's pretty much dead (but maybe not, but probably). But hey, Wilson Cruz says Culber is definitely for sure gonna come back & not as a dream or flashback, so...

Who didn't know "Captain" Georgiou was gonna reappear? These twists are written by 4-year-olds.

I have a 1080p copy of E14; I'll see about looking at the map better, but it wasn't great quality. I did see things like the First City mentioned, though.

I'm STILL trying to figure out what "mentioned but not explored event" this is all built around.

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I'm enjoying the show on its own, but I agree with Krenim; after the optimistic overtones of last week, I do not like the idea of Starfleet and Federation leaders sanctioning the destruction of an entire planet. Even if we "know" it's not going to happen.

Which brings me to my second point, that the longer this goes on, the more pissed I will be if it turns out Discovery is truly set in the same universe as previous series. It's not a matter of this show not fitting my preconceptions; it literally DOES NOT FIT that there was such a destructive war with the Klingons. I could buy the early episodes, which were mostly skirmishes and space battles, but now that they're showing Federation space being occupied, the Sol system attacked, and a huge chunk of the fleet vaporized, it makes no sense at all that something this destructive was never mentioned. And it does not match with the attitudes we see from TOS just 10 years later.

That being said, someone needs to design a "Kil'roy was here" Klingon graffiti image. [Big Grin]

Other potential continuity snarls: Classifying all info about the mirror universe potentially explains how Kirk and Spock were unaware of the MU, as well as conveniently sweeping the fate of the prime USS Defiant under the rug. But long term, it doesn't make much sense, because Bashir knew about the MU while studying at the Academy. (I guess the data could be eventually declassified.)

And I think that Tilly had the best, most practical message of the series so far: that to truly conquer our hate and anger, we have to accept and examine it. We can't pretend it doesn't exist. It feels like the writers are trying to make a whole-season story that's somehow paralleling the socio-political upheaval in the world right now. I can appreciate the attempt... but with just one episode left, I'll admit I'm worried about how effective (or rather, obvious) the message will be, and how well this show will really fit into the larger Star Trek universe.

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Not to mention that S2 is at least a year off, so relevancy now isn't gonna be relevancy then.

"The French have a saying: 'mise en place'—keep everything in its fucking place!"

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137th Gebirg
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There are rumors going around now that we might see the Enterprise in the finale on Sunday.
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