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Author Topic: Museum Ship
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Well they did say in "The Drumhead" that 39 ships were destroyed at Wolf 359. This could be taken to mean that there were only 39 ships in the battle and all were destroyed, or that there WERE 40 ships like Hanson said, and one escaped. One could reasonably assume that if this were the case, this lone surviving ship rescued the escape pods from other ships, then hightailed it out of there before the Enterprise arrived.

The only candidates for this mystery ship so far are the Endeavour & Excalibur (both from spoken dialogue in reference to an engagement with the Borg) or the Ahwahnee (from a display, albeit w/ a different registry #). The Tombaugh was assimilated years before Wolf 359. But as far as we know, it might have been a different ship entirely. Hell, it could have been the Bellerophon or the Yamaguchi. We didn't actually see them get destroyed, only entering the battle...

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OK, I found the episodes. Excalibur was mentioned in Voyager's "Survival Instinct" and the Tombaugh was mentioned in Voyager's "Infinate Regress". She was commanded by Captain Blackwell.

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I checked the transcript from "Survival Instinct" for references to the Excalibur (from Jim Wright's review), and there wasn't much, aside from that the the Bajoran woman was an engineer.

However, we do know that this almost certainly has to be the same Excalibur we saw in "Redemption, Part II." Eight years before 2376 is 2368. So the little incident took place after Wolf 359.

Consider on top of that that the Excalibur was undergoing a major refit/repair at the Starbase, a repair so major that the entire crew had been reassigned.

It's a leap of logic, I admit, but I believe that Excalibur was one of the ships at Wolf 359, and was recovered after the battle like the Ahwahnee.

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Veers, I of course knew of the reference in 'The Best of Both Worlds' I just couldn't remember if it was in relation to 39 ships being destroyed, or 40 ships having taken part in the battle.

I just couldn't remember off the top of my head whether '40 ships' was an actual line, an obscure reference in another episode or simply hearsay. Thanks for clearing it up.

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OK, Red Admiral.


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that the entire crew had been reassigned.

Granted, I'm not 100% up on the dialogue, but wasn't it that most of the crew -- including the senior staff -- had been reassigned ... ?


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